Yucky… Gross for Sure!

Not pretty I know. Really, pretty disgusting thought. I know.

But this is what all that holiday butter and fat looks like inside our life flowing arteries that are just trying to keep us going, one heart beat at a time.

Now I am not trying to be the Grinch that Stole Christmas!

But what if we could just change how we think and how we cook for our holidays? What would it hurt if we just tweaked a few of our favorite dishes?

Two beautiful and healthy ladies I know personally had heart issues recently. Both live in Dallas… one being in her forties diagnosed with congestive heart failure and the other in her sixties had a serious heart attack.

Neither woman is overweight, neither woman smoked, and both are at their prime with their families and careers. And wham!

Remember how I had posted recently that life could change on a dime with one phone call or one health issue or one…

And we all know heart disease kills 244,000 women annually while breast cancer is taking 44,000 women.

We also know that diet and lifestyle affect both heart disease and cancer and diabetes no matter the numbers for each.

So forgive me for wanting you all to think and be healthier this holiday season by doing things differently and doing things a little smarter than you’ve always done.

And, because I know that you think eating and cooking healthy is oh so boring, I have a free download coming later this week for new and existing subscribers on healthy holiday meals called:

Holiday Deliciousness!

Watch for it. I know my beautiful lady friends in Dallas will be doing so and sharing it with all those they care about.

I really, really love to eat and love good food. And I really, really care about all of you having the best of best holiday seasons and being your healthiest so you can be your best to all those you really care about in your life.

Here’s to Health!

Living and loving life together,


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