Wow! What a Conference We Had!

LA Interior Designers Bloggers Conference

Okay, I am going to name drop without any shame because I still feel so privileged to have been in the same room with:

Barbara Barry

Charlotte Moss and J.D. Carter

TV’s “Million Dollar Decorators” Ross Cassidy and Jeffrey Alan Marks

And of course, many, many others

This was my third year to attend the conference for Interior Designer Bloggers. The first year I was totally a dear in headlights. Last year, I actually started understanding some of the social media lingo. And now this year’s conference lifted me to a higher level of understanding I believe because I actually was able to breathe calmly and not panic when I couldn’t get online when all around me were tweeting and taking iPad notes & etc.

I knew who I was and what I wanted to achieve at the conference and where I wanted to take this amazing endeavor of Life and Design for my precious and fellow Baby Boomers that I so love and care about their future.

As one of the oldest attendees at this conference AGAIN this year, I realized that it was okay for me not to know what all the younger bloggers knew and did.

It was okay that I had to work so much harder than most for anyone to take my vision seriously since very few of them were Boomers.

It was okay that I realized being a lone voice for my Baby Boomer generation at this conference was a special opportunity and privilege to share with the vendor marketers, magazine editors, and my fellow bloggers that we are the millions and millions of Boomers who will and are dictating much product and print to our demographics because guess why? The Boomers hold most of the wealth in this country. Yes, you read correctly.

So why then is their such a disconnect? Over and over I asked that at the conference with some very interesting answers that I will share with you all on another post.

But for now, let me introduce you to my new friends and acquaintences that are certainly going to be influencing my future either by their blogs, their books, their products, or treasured friendships. How blessed I am.

Adam Japko, President Design Sherpa and Lynne Bier, Home on the Range

Leslie Carothers

Barbara B. Miller, winner of design series on The Design Network with Jason Harris

Amy Crist, Restyle Source and Ivette Serrano, Lamps Plus

Carolyn Von Der Ahe and Amy Panos, Senior Editor of Better Homes & Gardens

Cheryl Luckett, Dwell By Cheryl

Kathy Bush-Dutton, Publisher of New England Home

Can’t wait to see you all again at DBC 2014 in Atlanta!

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