Did you know that the top 3 major issues of life in order are deaths, divorces, and moving? Well now I certainly know why! 

I must first qualify that for me, I have moved within Wichita to another home. This move was definitely a challenge as any move is.  However, a move resulting in an entirely different life style plus moving 1100 miles to another state truthfully shocked me in what I unexpectedly experienced on so many levels.

Top of my shocks was my overwhelming fatigue that lasted for weeks. How could I not have expected to be so exhausted?  Well, I share with you that I was caught by surprise by my lack of energy, enthusiasm, and my inability to bounce back after a week or so. 

After “lovingly” hearing from some of my inner circle that “duh Mitzi, you are not 40 any more” it hit me like being splashed with cold water. Yes, this is a new life stage and being in my early 70’s, being realistic about my energy resources and abilities is quite sobering. But I do get it now, I do not like it one bit but I get it.

Another big shock to me was my emotional roller coaster in attempting to get my head around all this newness in EVERYTHING. Again, this is what moving to a new location entails but my shock was how forcefully this reality hit me in the limitless numbers of details to be worked out but more than that, I missed my friends, a lot. 

What made this despondency even a harder hurdle to overcome was Bob’s total delight in being here. No dip in his emotional levels other than the typical challenges, but he absolutely is like a kid in candy store here. Now being my extremely left-brain engineer husband, the poor guy tried but had no comprehension of what I was struggling with in my lack of enthusiasm and certainly my lack of joy in life and being here.

Wow! I had not expected this reaction at all since I have family here and friends from high school and etc. Bob kept saying give it time but yet my Debbie downer mood kept on for weeks. 

And a big hit for me was my space planning did not work in our converted dining room to a TV/den for Bob and me. What? This is my designer gifting and yet in my own relocating move, my plan pretty much bombed. Now, I have done many projects out of town with very successful results. I in no way anticipated that a relatively simple layout of mine would just not work. If this miscalculation of mine was an isolated disappointment is one thing. Coming on top of my fatigue and emotional state, this was another hit on my fragile state of mind.

Lastly, in this post at least, I must tell you one more unexpected result of this major move. I dealt with a perplexing but major brain fog. My friend Joanna wisely explained to me that after months of downsizing sorting decisions that take a lot of brain energy, then the physical move itself, one’s capacity to continue to make decision upon decision on what to do with this or that over and over and over results in what I experienced, total mental fatigue.

Now I know first hand why moving is designated as one of life’s biggest challenges and issues to overcome. These unexpected results of my major move shocked me in their profound severity that lasted for weeks. My ultimate goal for you, my beloved followers, is to be authentic in order for you to gain knowledge, wisdom, and finally understanding. How could I be true to you if I acted like this was like a walk in the park, no big deal happening in my life?

 I want you all to know what I experienced so that it might prepare you for what could be your realities in a major life relocation. I also want you to know that my Bob was right to tell me to give it time. So now 4 weeks later, my light is shining brighter and brighter as I continue to make progress in this absolutely gorgeous area with unlimited potentials awaiting for me.

There is more to share with you on my major move. Please tune in next week for more updates on our downsizing and life stage and life style journey.

I love and appreciate you all for following along with me.

Living and Loving Life Together,

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