This is a “BEFORE” image of the master bedroom in our new smaller downsized home. It was clean, functional, and represents what many people live in today. But I had to do a major change and here is why.

While there is no concrete “wrongness” in many homeowners’ viewpoints of this master bedroom, there is to me. In my current life stage, I absolutely have to have lighter feeling interiors!

First thing to go was the 13 year old carpeting that was in good condition but felt heavy plus it absorbed the little light available. I am a huge lover of hard surfaced floors for the lighter feeling, easier maintenance, durability, and fights interior allergy triggers. A commercial grade engineered wood type flooring did everything and more that I wanted and needed for this life stage.

Paint: Ben Moore Chantilly  OC-65

Next was the painting the walls a very white white to compensate for the lack of natural light and low ceiling. I am thrilled with the end results of how this lighter background set the tone for the entire space, less heavy, brighter, and definitively more me and up to date.

Along with lighting priorities to me, is the function of any space. 

Can you believe that BobBob came up with the brilliant idea to add a closet to the wall where this dresser was? You might ask but what about the storage function of that dresser? Seriously, how inconvenient are these inefficient dresser drawers versus open shelves for easy access and better use of storage space?

And finally, adding the icing on the cake elements with my new blue and white Company C bedding and runners and Natural Light lamps. The nightstands, artwork, Wesley Hall chair and ottoman, Window and chairand Thomas O’Brien from Hickory Chair bed came with us from Wichita, Kansas and work perfectly in our new master bedroom.

Pergo Tobacco Oak Laminate Flooring Home Depot

I hope that you can see my viewpoint now on the why I had to change every element in our new master bedroom.  My underlying reasons to constantly analyze our spaces is to remember that no space is benign! What we see visually and experience emotionally and physically do indeed affect our entire wellbeing.  My hope for you from this post is that your take away will be this exact exercise. Ask yourself what are you living in day after day that helps or hinders your life? 

I give tons of advice on how to’s in my book that can be accomplished in many instances, much easier than you might realize.

Thank you for following along with me on my Design Smarts journey in all of life arenas. I appreciate you all!

Living and Loving Life Together,

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