Watch Out for the “D” Word!

For the past few years, I have either been designing projects, developing my blog site, learning social media, writing my book… oh, and living life! So what is my point? Well, I have been waiting, or should I say, seeking out the time to to get my life back in order physically, and in my personal and business spaces. So guess what? I have a summer ahead of me with very little “have to do’s.” So what’s my problem? My challenge and constant struggle is dealing with distractions.

Fabrics in my design library are out of control!

Fabrics in my design library are out of control!

We all know how this goes. We finally set our goals of exercising and eating right, or getting our spaces organized and WHAM–distractions happen. Some, or even most of them, are worthy endeavors, which makes it even harder to resist them. This takes me further away from using these precious summer months ahead to focus on my goals of presenting my approved interior design continuing education credits (CEUs), and speaking to groups around the country about preparing Boomers to experience our best quality of lives possible.

My top priorities always will be my precious family and closest friends. For this summer, anything beside my friends and family, or all other distractions, no matter how worthy or justifiable, will be received with “Thank you for thinking of me, but I must decline for now.”

Why do I have to avoid distractions so strictly at this time? Because of the things that have taken all of my time, energy and efforts these past few years; I have been waiting for this open door of time to have the opportunity to do the things I stated above–to really and truly put a dent in accomplishing my life goals.

All of this overflow onto the floor has got to go.

All of this overflow onto the floor has got to go.

Now, I am so blessed and and fortunate to be working with Leslie Carothers for these next few months. So, in order to be the very best that I can be and to not disappoint anyone that I have commitments with around the country, I MUST SAY NO TO DISTRACTIONS. Already there have been several distractions such as conferences, trips, etc. that on the surface look right in alignment with my goals, but there is one problem with all of them: they are a distraction from staying in and doing research, writing, practicing presentations and overall being prepared mentally and emotionally for my exciting events ahead.

Turning down opportunities is so not me… I love being out there with people networking, learning and growing from so many new and accomplished individuals in my life. This is what I say to myself and you all: watch out for the “d” word. It will sabotage you and me every time. Knowing our enemy is the first step in winning our battles. Let’s win our Boomer battles together and be wiser, stronger and to say “no” to those often sneaky, well-disguised distractions.

Here’s to a fruitful, exciting and rewarding summer ahead of all of us that I believe will happen. At the end of the summer, I promise to report to you if I was indeed successful in defeating my distraction enemy. It would bless me so much to hear your victories as well. Until then, keep your BoomerSmarts® in mind.


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