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Do you need further information to help you untangle the differenes between what your state regulations require for CEU’s and your professional associations?

Part of being #BoomerSmarts is knowing where to go for the information you need to find, and fast, right? I hope the links below are helpful to you!


450754061In each state that regulates the interior design profession where you are required to complete CEU’s to maintain your right to use the title, *interior designer*, check their requirements first, and then you can easily dovetail those requirements into what your professional organization, whether ASID, IIDA, IDS, NKBA, requires.

For instance, in Texas, you are required to have 12 hours of CEU credits every 2 years, 8 of which must be structured classroom activities and 4 of which can be *self-directed*. Of the 12 hours, 1 must also be related to barrier free design and one must be related to sustainable or energy-efficient design. Each state will have its own requirements like this, however, and this link, provided by the Interior Design Society’s website: will give you the name of the governing body in each state {if there is one} to make it fast and easy for you to check your state’s regulations. THAT’s #BoomerSmarts!


asidASID – American Society of Interior Designers

If you’re an interior design practitioner and either a professional, allied or associate ASID [ American Association of Interior Designer] member, you’re required to complete, between 3.31.2014 and through 12.31.2015, 10 hours of continuing education units [ CEU’s ] , 5 hours each year, to maintain your good standing in ASID. ASID accepts both IDCEC approved and non-approved courses for credit, but all non-IDCEC approved courses are reviewed before CEU credit is awarded. For more information, please click

iidaIIDA – International Interior Design Association

IIDA requires 10 hours of continuing education courses every 2 years and accepts only IDCEC approved courses for credit. For more information, please click:

idsIDS – Interior Design Society

IDS requires 8 hours of CEU courses every 2 years and accepts any CEU course that has been approved by another professional organization, such as ASID or your state’s regulatory bodies. For more information on filing your CEU’s , click here:

NKBA logo2NKBA – National Kitchen and Bath Association

The NKBA requires members to have 10 hours of CEU’s every two years. All CEU’s submitted must be approved. For more information on the NKBA’s CEU compliance policies, please click here:


I look forward to seeing you at my next #BoomerSmarts CEU Class so I can help you #LiveYourWisdom and become the next #BoomerSmarts certified expert in your local area!

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