This Thanksgiving, Celebrate Simplicity


The high occurrence of divorce and single-parent households nowadays is having a huge impact on how zillions fare the challenge of with how to deal with the holidays.

Similar to the aging of America and the ever evolving definition of what is the traditional family unit, is a feeling of “incompleteness” for so many around this season of celebrations.

The holiday celebrations facing my fellow Boomers out there are as varied as the people themselves. As time marches on, things change. Kids grow up and have families of their own. Many times, not everyone can make it for each and every holiday celebration or special occasion. Grown children and their spouses have to make their own agreements on where to spend which holidays. As in our case, this is especially true if there are many miles separating them from their families. 


Instead of being down about these inevitable circumstances or trying to pressure loved ones to “make it happen” and show up no matter the sacrifice, I recommend celebrating what is. You can have a great Thanksgiving (or any holiday) with whomever you see, wherever you are, however you decorate and whatever you eat. There’s a real specialness that can come from SIMPLICITY – it’s really all about enjoying each other’s company after all.





My husband Bob and I somewhat famously celebrated Thanksgiving at our beach house one year. It was just the two of us enjoying a really simple and delicious food (photo above). We of course, love seeing all our family at Thanksgiving, Christmas and other times throughout the year. But that beach holiday we spent alone was one of the special celebrations we treasure a a sweet memory.




Sadly, I grew up with holiday meals often being so stressful trying to make it all perfect that I vowed I would try my very best to not repeat  this uncomfortable scenerio.

As the hostess or host, above all, be calm. It’s hard to enjoy your meal with an under current of tension.  Perhaps this is why I strive for SIMPLICITY in my meal planning. I want to be ready for my family or guests WITHOUT the drama. 

This is why I hope you check out my free holiday cookbook. Even if you use one of my dishes, it would take some of the pressure off yourself to experience the coveted SIMPLICITY. I believe you would be so glad you did.



I am taking a break from posting throughout this Thanksgiving week which is why you have a Tuesday post from me. I am excited thoug, to share with you my Christmas posts starting in December.

What are your plans this Thanksgiving? And how have you adapted your celebrations through the years? I’d love to hear from  you in the comments below or on social media. And if you need help making Thanksgiving simple yet special from a cooking perspective, be sure to check out my FREE holiday recipe guide by clicking here.

Check out this delicious roasted carrot recipe from Carlsbad Cravings.

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Happy Thanksgving Everyone! xoxo

Living and Loving life together,

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