The True Art of Hosting

As I’ve mentioned before on this site, Bob and I undertook a major renovation project in 2005. This project eventually turned into what we always intended, our beloved home we call “Cypress.”

Every tiny detail on this house is just as we want it. And while our upstairs is dedicated to a separate living quarter for Bob and me, with nearly equal square footage for my oversized design studio, the main floor was designed with one goal in mind – others.

Hosting has lost its meaning over the years and I want to bring us back to center.

Let me call it like it is – being the Host does not mean it’s all about you. It’s not about putting on a show or meals so elaborate you imagine you’ll be talked about by your friends (while you’re recovering from exhaustion the next day, mind you).

A true host thinks from the perspective of what will make you (the guest) feel good, rather than what makes me (the supposed host) look good. We work to bring joy in your life rather than impress and bedazzle you. True hosts think of themselves as humble servants. Our job is to be of service, with no ulterior motive – rather simply to make our guests’ lives better. True hosts have a deep desire to create memories, rather than be remembered.

I urge you with all my heart to master the art of being a true host. Because true hosts find no greater reward than bringing joy, laughter, fun, light and love to the lives of others through giving.


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