Why I Wrote My Book & What Movement?

How could 30 years of my life have passed by so quickly? Digesting this reality is a shocking statement to comprehend even to me! But facts do not lie. Yes, the interior design profession has been my passion and my life work for these past 30+ years. Wow!   

During these past decades, I have loved helping my clients achieve much more than just upgrading their home. But now, I am transferring this same passion to my next endeavor. 

 You must first understand that underneath every single design project for my clients is my mission to upgrade the quality of home life in function, safety and of course beauty.  Digging deeper, however, reveals my steadfast philosophy that it is absolutely imperative that homes restore, nurture, inspire and equip people to achieve a higher level of wellness and overall well-being.

But now, my next endeavor is giving back to you all the life lessons I have experienced and learned in designing, upgrading, and remodeling homes for your personal lives.  At this stage of life, my intentional goal is to hopefully inspire you to design your life to do more than you ever thought possible, and be more in any stage of your life.

My book will take you on a journey of doable possibilities in your life with an entirely uniquely fresh perspective through implementing Design Smarts. I believe without a shadow of a doubt there is always the choice to do better and to be better each and every day. This is in no way a prescription for simply striving to live longer. Oh no!

By pulling out my own personal achievements as well as my mistakes, my book is carefully designed to equip and to empower you to Be Well and Age Well in all your life stages ahead. Why would you not want to join this exciting movement for a satisfyingly ageless life filled with more zestful energy, joy, and purpose than you have ever known?

Yes my dear friends, this new life movement is indeed happening. There is a huge tidal wave roaring across our nation and even globally as the O50s (those over 50 years young) stand up together pronouncing “watch us soar cuz it ain’t over for us by a long shot!”

This is a brand-new time of opportunity for those that choose to fight the outdated mindset of stinking thinking that is so condescending to anyone not considered “young” anymore. In my book, I share detailed knowledge to enlighten you regarding this immense  emerging movement which is empowering the O50s in all areas of life. You simply do not want to be left behind!

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Stay tuned, you do not want to miss out on my next post revealing the purpose of the  back cover of my book!

Living and Loving Life Together,

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  1. Ragene Moore

    Mitzi–thanks for all your valuable information throughout the years. I have updated most of my house for aging in place using many of your ideas–except I am Czech so use a lot more vibrant color!! We are starting an expensive master bath remodel in April–widening bedroom entry (taking out door), removing unused ridiculous never used Jacuzzi garden tub to make way for a wheel-in curbless large shower (with all the “aging in place” grab bars, seats, etc), heated floor, more lighting, deeper entire wall medicine cabinets (know these are not in style but we need for function!), onyx shower, quartz countertop, china sinks (hate the molded ones). I have been working on the design for 4 years and hope it works although from my other projects, there is always those “wish I would have/should have” items. Anxious to show it to you.
    How are you enjoying your new home and what have you done for it?
    Keep up the blog–I love it and appreciate what you do for all of us!!!

    • Mitzi

      Good for you Ragend to updated your home for aging in place! I am so very impressed with what you have accomplished. And I would really like to see how your bathroom remodel turns out. We have not moved yet and our plan hopefully is for May. Frankly I have been so busy with travel and my book that I have not done my own home in preparing the last clean outs. But April is my time and I will move this mountain! Thank you for following me, this means so very much to hear that I have helped you in anyway. xo Mitzi

  2. Betty Young

    I am doing some purging. I’m going to be 78 in June, and my husband is very sick and can’t do any handyman chores. So I am transforming my craft room and office back into bedrooms for better selling appeal. I blogged for ten years, carrying dishes and redecorating rooms — No MORE.
    I am looking forward to your new book.

    • Mitzi

      Betty please forgive me for not replying to your comment! I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s status which definitely affects all you are doing or attempting to do. Good for you to repurpose your rooms to be more marketable and I wish you the very best in your future!


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