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Would you like to become THE #BoomerSmarts certified expert in your local market – designing for America’s Richest Demographic, those 50+ years of age, the baby boomers?

Would a deep understanding of how to address the health, safety and welfare interior design needs of this market, comprising 80 million people, 23% of the population of the United States, be helpful to you?

Are you needing continuing education units [ CEU’ s] for your state or association’s CEU requirements?

Mitzi currently offers 3 IDCEC approved CEU courses, delivered onsite at locations around the country. Details and descriptions are below. Plans are being made to also deliver these via online webinars, too! For more information on currently scheduled CEU class locations and to register ahead of time via Pay Pal.


Credit hours [ 1.0 ]

Course Title: Sell and Design To Boomers: America’s Wealthiest Demographic

Course Description: Develop skills in identifying, marketing via social media and communicating with the largest and wealthiest demographic in America to help you reach a new audience for your design services.

IDCEC #CEU-102418
Classification: Beginner
Designation:  General


Credit Hours: [ 1.0 ]

Course Title: Boomer Homes of the Future

Course Description:
Learn about the Boomer Home of the Future and affirm your expertise on what #BoomerSmarts universally designed products are available that will add convenience, comfort, & class to a new or existing Boomer home, while at the same time providing for their health, safety and welfare as their needs continue to grow and evolve.

IDCEC Course #: CEU-103476
Classification: Intermediate
Designation: HSW


Credit hours [ 4.0 ]

Course Title: Boomers Are Big Business

[ At the end of this 4 hour CEU session, you will receive a #BoomerSmarts Certified Expert badge for your website or blog and a #Boomer Smarts certified expert certificate, empowering you to confidently become 1 of the top #BoomerSmarts certified experts in your local area ]

Course Description:

  • An Explanation of Boomer Demographics
  • Communicating With Boomers And Speaking Their Language.
  • Visibility and Lighting Considerations in Boomer Design.
  • Designing Barrier Free Spaces.
  • Ergonomic Considerations In Baby Boomer Design
  • Health, Safety and Welfare Considerations In Housing Solutions + Living Arrangements for Boomers.
  • #BoomerSmarts Product Suggestions & Considerations For Boomers Health, Safety and Welfare
  • How To Present Design Proposals To Baby Boomers To Insure Their Financial Welfare.
  • ASID Code of Conduct and Responsibility When Designing For Baby Boomers.

IDCEC #CEU-103194
Classification: Intermediate
Designation: HSW

Mitzi was honored when the 1st nationwide collaboration between the American Institute of Architects [ AIA ], the American Society of Interior Designers [ ASID ], the National Kitchen and Bath Association [ NKBA ] , the International Interior Design Association [ IIDA ] and the Home Builders Association [ HBA ] invited her to be their keynote CEU presenter in November of 2013 so all in attendance could learn about the challenges and opportunities inherent in providing for the health, safety and welfare for America’s growing baby boomer population, projected to be at 80 million people by 2030.

Read what Colorado interior designer, owner of Home On The Range,  Lynn Bier, had to say after attending Mitzi’s CEU presentation:

I have watched in amazement as Mitzi Beach has taken a positive and dynamic approach to creating awareness of the impacts of the aging of the Boomer population through her “Boomer Smarts”. Due to the significant and ever growing numbers of Baby Boomers who are living longer, and will be in need of more care than we can currently provide, this is a subject that is of vital interest and concern to the building and interior design field. Mitzi has developed a synergistic approach to the aging process by teaching us how to age with health, humor and grace and by creating an awareness of the need for housing that is geared to allowing the Baby Boomers to stay in their homes longer!

Mitzi’s presentation is a wakeup call to all of us in the fields of architecture, interior design and
construction. The wave is cresting and we are not prepared. I highly recommend Mitzi’s CEU presentation. It was filled with humor and facts. It made us laugh, it gave as dose of reality and it also gave us great tools with which to approach the Boomer crises. “Boomer Smarts” is a very appropriate title for Mitzi’s presentation and I came away feeling as if I were a smarter “Boomer” for having attended it.
– Lynne Barton Bier, Home on the Range Interiors