Ready, Set, Go. Let’s All Stress Less in 2013!


Okay, everybody give a big sigh….the holidays are almost over for another year!

So now, in this transition between ending 2012 and beginning 2013, what is going to look different for us for in this brand new baby new year?

Well, for me, I am tackling this giant strangling stronghold called STRESS. Oh I have made huge progress but my goodness gracious, do I still have a long way to go on de-stressing Mitzi.

My challenges are:

My schedule…I think I am still 30 something! I do pretty much shut down after dinner but oh my days ….. I hit the ground running around 5:45 and do not stop much until dinner time….just not good for this “young” lady.

I need time allocated for just plain old fun and relaxation beyond the evening when I have no choice but to slow down. But by then, I’m too tired for fun!


More yoga and exercise time that de-stresses me always. Plus my body thanks me too 🙂

Better scheduled time management that allows for making appointments for myself to do what I need to do for myself personally. The key is to tell myself that this truly is a priority too. Doing this will allow my personal needs to be met and not be a “well maybe after this is done and that is done” kind of thinking.

I do do a lot of things right as in eating healthy, getting good sleep, shutting down in the evenings, “pretty” regular exercise, having my non-negotiable morning quiet time, connecting with friends, etc.

But, and this is a very big but, I must get a handle on my stress. No, I will never eliminate stress, but I can learn to handle how I react to stress and how to make room for literally life-giving margin in my daily life and schedule.

This is one of those areas of our lives that really and truly no one can do this for us. It has to be a definite and conscious decision to conquer this life-consuming monster called stress. And yes, I do believe it is a monster that in these times, is getting bigger and bigger.

Join us in our upcoming series on downsizing our lives and our homes where the very first area of downsizing will be downsizing our personal stress. What good will a downsized home do for us with a stressed out mind, body, and lifestyle?

Myself personally, I cannot wait for this series starting in January. Wait till you hear what we have been hearing and learning about the effects of our stressful lifestyles. You, your body, and your family will so benefit!

Living and loving life together,


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