Eight Steps to a Better You!

I am sharing this post on eating and cooking healthy now because EVERYONE is talking about their WELLNESS goals starting this brand new year full of brand new hopefulness in many areas of life. And of course because WELLNESS is now another layer of our platform to our updated site. 

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Hello everyone and welcome to our new updated website! We are very excited to launch another layer to our platform which is WELLNESS in both home + life. It seems like everyone is talking about making changes in not only their homes, but also in their lives. 

 So why am I adding WELLNESS to my platform?

It is fairly common knowledge these days that our homes can definitely upgrade our personal wellness on many levels. However, the more I observe “pretty” homes and rooms, the more I am  affirmed that so many simple, yet profound interior design decisions have missed the opportunity to experience another level of  enriching, healing, and of course, beautiful environments. 

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This new year, it’s time to take care of YOU!


New year. New goals. Is taking care of YOU in your home part of your 2018 goal setting? 

I know, I know what many of you are thinking. There are just too many more important things that often take precedence over our own wants and needs. If you’re neglecting YOU, now is the time to make self care a priority for this new year. 

Please take only a few minutes for yourself (and others in your home) to watch this video on some important insight on what can save YOU time, money, and pain in your home. What do you have to lose?

Living and loving life together,

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Get “Holiday Deliciousness” Today!

In the mood to try some new foods for Thanksgiving and the holidays? Well, just in time to save the day, I’m offering a free PDF of my “Holiday Deliciousness” healthy cookbook. Some of my personal favorites include honeysuckle turkey breast, lighter twice-baked potatoes, and the always-popular raspberry truffle pie.

To get these recipes and more, click here to download the PDF.

Holiday Deliciousness Flyer

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My 10 Secrets to Making Healthier & Happier Holidays Happen

SOMEBODY in your family or circle of friends has to make the first attempt at making healthier holiday meals happen. Why not let it be you? Watch this short video for some “secret” ways for you to be the one who’s BoomerSmart about making the holidays healthier and happier.

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