Our Stress Really is Killing Us


This was one of many profound and valuable statements from my interview in Denver, Co, with the very sincere, learned, and passionate woman about her life’s work, Mary Maynard, RN CHTP UZIT.

Mary agreed to share with us her knowledge and expert advice on what stress does to us and how to de-stress our overwhelming and stressful lives. And yes, stress really is a killer!

On the effects of stress, Mary presented her views from her education, training and experience:

Chronic stress inhibits the ability of the body to regulate INFLAMMATION. More and more research is showing inflammation to be the base of all disease. She believes that 70% – 90% of all illness is stress induced.

And that we humans are the only creatures to create stress. What was designed to keep us out of harm’s way, the flight or fight syndrome, our adrenalin, is now what many experience as their standard lifestyle. And this, is what is literally killing us as stress inhibits the body to regulate inflammation which is the base of all disease. The new buzz word in the medical and science fields that we will be learning more and more about is inflammation.

Get ready for many medical experts to disagree with Mary’s belief regarding stress and its effects on our bodies. You see, we are still in the mindset that getting anti-depressants or high blood pressure medicine or meds for the Type 11 diabetes or arthritis or auto-immune diseases is the only answer. Our take a pill mindset allows us to continue to function as we always have and is for the most part, our medical way of life today in America.

But devoted and educated experts like Mary Maynard are trying to change the way we prevent and treat disease in America by learning and doing a new approach to living long and living healthy.

But this new way of correcting our lifestyles is sooooo much more difficult than taking a pill. For millions of Americans, it is the take my meds and do not talk to me about what is the root cause of my need to take my meds. This is a very slippery slope that sadly, just positions us for more and more medical issues to occur.

But the good news bad news is full of hope and promise! We can control our stress and our reaction to it. I, for one, have this as my top priority for 2013 as far as my health issues go.

Watch for our next post with Mary Maynard, RN CHTP UZIT as she helps us de-stress our lives with very simple and doable tips for living the life we all want, deserve, and need.

Living and loving life together,


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