Now, we begin with the first of the exciting series for all you O50s (over 50) asking, can you hear your home?

I have learned over the years of designing, writing, and speaking that most people do not realize the exponential power of their home’s space to impact their life. Regardless of whether if this is a positive or negative impact, your home is certainly talking to you in countless ways.

You see, no space is ever benign in its message, but the point of this post is to ask you my dear friends, are you listening? When you enter your home from your garage or wherever, is there a welcome relief and familiar sense of security and warmth like putting on your favorite comfy clothes to simply call it a day?

I designed our mud room’s “message” to be a soothing, functional, but beautiful space each and every time we returned home.

My reasoning for starting this post with what greets you when you return home is if you are like most people, your mind is still running on full tilt: What is for dinner? How much time is there to do all the things that need to be done? Who is going where and when? So, I repeat, you experience an unconscious response of either stress or calmness by what visually greets you upon your returning home.


Imagine returning home to peace and order with an uncluttered counter for your purse, laptop, or mail while your mind settles in for what is next for you to do. There could be soothing but sufficient lighting, an interesting patterned runner, walls of your favorite color, fun posters or artwork that could silently greet you even if you are not listening, your unconscious definitely is. Yes, these design upgrades are game changers resulting in more than just another pretty space. These calculated changes have a positive message from your home spaces which then affects your moods, your energy, but most importantly, it lowers your stress.

These same principles of listening to your home’s messages applies to every room of your home.

The message in Bob’s study is very clear, come in and relax but if work is needed, what a wonderful room to do so.

However, maybe this is also true for you but sadly it is fairly common for the master bedroom to be one of the last rooms to receive an upgrade. But isn’t sleep one of your basic needs for every aspect of your wellbeing?

I designed this master bedroom for clients with an extremely busy travel schedule. So when they were home, they wanted a welcome home bedroom that also “spoke” to them in textures being sophisticated yet filled with their personal elements.

Being a strong advocate for sanctuary spaces, the bedroom should give exactly this sense of serenity for restoring your stresses of the day with a good night’s sleep. And yet, tons of bedrooms are super cluttered, have depressing lighting, mismatched furniture, or just lacking in any effort to make it a coveted, sought after R&R space.

I really hated leaving our Cypress bedroom sanctuary when we moved recently. I designed in these serene colors, luscious textures, cozy reading and relaxing area, wonderful lighting, plus functional everything. This master bedroom is an all time winner in my designer eyes.

From my book, (ordering info at end of post) chapter 6, “Does Your Home Have A Soul”? you can read more valid information on why and how listening to your home can indeed have a beautiful impact on not only your own quality of life, but also for all those fortunate folks in your circle of friendships or family who visit or live in your home.

Your biggest investment of time and money is in your living spaces whether this may be a home, condo, apartment, or downsized home like it is for me and BobBob. Why would you not want to make it all that it can be for your needed and deserved down time? This principle applies to all ages whether in grade school or 4th quarter like we are. Remember always that stress is a killer. Why would you basically ignore this medical research regarding stress and not do all that you possibly can to make your home your sanctuary oasis to fight your stresses?

I designed this very small downsized home for a dear friend of mine to be functional, beautiful, yet workable in this very small space. The results met all their wants and needs giving them a constant message of relax, restore, and reset.

Yes my dear O50s, this is not merely a feel good warm fuzzy post on interior design. I take your health and wellness very seriously because this is a huge part of my Design Smarts philosophy. I am asking you to do a reality check on your home and honestly assess what you are hearing. If you choose to “listen louder” to your home’s silent but real message, then you will be ready to be equipped on how and what needs to be accomplished for you to reset and restore in your precious time spent in your home?

Stay tuned for my next post on easy and often inexpensive ways to make your home’s message be one of peace, beauty, and restoration.

Living and Loving life together,

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