Does your home have any of these neglected spaces?

I wanted to share with you this vlog from our archives that I honestly believe is still so valid today in our housing challenges. Piggy backing on our last post, ”From Garage to Home, The Forgotten Space”, are more photos from different angles of  what Bob and I see entering into our home from the garage.

Yep, that’s me trying to get a shot with the ever challenging mirror photos. Nevertheless, I did spend a great deal of time designing this important space to be  functional as well beautiful for us entering from our garage. Intentional is the mirror with glass shelves and special lighting to showcase keepsake handmade Italian pottery. Not only does this vinette constantly make me smile, it is a treasured memory of my late mother going to Dallas market with me when I purchased this collection. “My next life” in Ohio will certainly be displaying these favorite pieces.

Of course all mud or laundry rooms need a sink but why not jazz the area up a bit? There is a famous quote that I need someone to tell me who said it, states “there can never be enough mirrors, plants, or lamps in a room” I of course totally agree!

May look like a mess to you but Bob figured out that the space under our steps to upstairs could be a storage space. Bingo, our cleaning closet happens. May not be pretty, but boy does it work. I know, it needs organizing but you all know me by now warts and all.

Now this is a coat closet! Holds all our in season gear plus shelving for those what do I do with this backpack or hiking boots?

I love my walk in pantry! This will be a the top of what I miss in our home, Cypress,without a doubt. This is my first experience with a walk in pantry and all I can say to you all, sacrifice whatever you can to have your own walk in pantry. It’s like a dressing room for a real cook.

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So you can see, our homes have beyond untapped potential for all of us to achieve a higher quality of living in our homes on so many levels. I pledge to keep on showcasing the whys and the hows of what true WELLNESS BY DESIGN looks like in our homes of today and our homes of our futures.

Living and loving life together,



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