My Top Six Summer SMARTS

I am sharing my checklist with you of these 6 essentials for maintaining my stamina, looks, and health this summer. 

Can you remember your summer days as a child just hanging out at the pool with your friends? Even if you were working a summer job like I did lifeguarding every summer and teaching swimming lessons, the pressure was definitely off from the school year’s demands.

But if you are like me, I bet your current “adult” summer needs are vastly different compared to your summer needs growing up enjoying all your summer freedom and fun. So in order to keep on keeping on this summer, I encourage you to consider changing or adding to your current routines regardless of your age or life stage, this is simply Design SMARTS!


There is sunblock in my make up, but if I am outside for any length of time, a hat is essential for me. Also, if you notice, I am wearing a shirt in the pool. This is a sun protector shirt from Lands End. I have several to wear even not in the pool but just being outdoors in the summer for protection. I do this to guard against aging skin but skin cancer is a very big deal. Use your SMARTS!

And the dermatologists say that even in the car, the suns harmful rays can be an issue FYI.


Do you realize that the human body is 75% water? I heard dementia specialist nurse; Kathy Adkins recently stating that being hydrated is also a huge issue in for brain health, her specialty. She said because we are not 75% coffee, or 75% ice tea or etc. but we are 75% water, we need to drink half our body weight in water daily to replace fluids, fight fatigue, and even curb hunger.  Wow!  


Numerous changes in schedules and or travel often take precedence to maintaining exercise routines. For myself, even not during summer, I have to really overcome my constant schedule changes. If I do not, boy do I notice the difference in the way I feel and look! My energy is less, my sleep is affected, and of course, summer clothing does not hide as much as heavy winter clothing, right?

Timing of our outdoor exercise requires Design SMARTS for sure. I often see people walking at noon evidently on their lunch hour or during the hottest time of the afternoon. Every time I ask myself, why don’t they get up earlier or exercise in the evening?  Especially for the O50’s or those of us youngins over 50…


No one eats healthy every day that I know plus summer heat zaps energy big time. Taking supplements is essential for me regardless of the seasons. But again, with schedule changes and perhaps extended travel, taking care of our nutritional needs is more than a good idea. It is the difference to being, looking, and feeling our best to enjoy this delightful summer season. 


I have tricky skin being sensitive plus a combination T-zone oily/dry. So the weather definitely affects my skin. Warmer weather dictates that I change my facial cleanser, moisturizer, and make up to combat the oily T-Zone.

I use a mattifying serum to reduce the shine and prevent those warm weather break -outs. In addition, a lighter lotion replaces my heavier moisture cream for the daytime. Whew, it is complicated being a girl!


The last of my six essentials is to encourage you all to take life less seriously by controlling your attitudes. Life is not a race. We are given one life to live which to me is traveling by at break neck speed. I am seriously trying to change my motor butt Mitzi self and SLOW DOWN and enjoy the ride, especially this summer, moving or not.

All of this is to say, my hope for you all is to live in Design SMARTS throughout all your days and to enjoy this summer.

Living and Loving Life Together,

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