My Kathy Ireland Interview

Here is my much anticipated interview with Kathy Ireland. This beauty is not only skin deep! Read on to discover surprising insights from my interview. ..more

First off and the most important insight to me, was how refreshing it was to  discover a genuine caring person behind one of the most wealthy and famous women of our time, Kathy Ireland. 

At High Point Market, spring 2018 in the Nourison Showroom, I was given the priveledge of interviewing the famous Kathy Ireland of Kathy Ireland Worldwide. This is an honor that I will treasure for a very long time.

Examples of the many gorgeous rugs in the Nourison Showroom 

Some more beautiful examples of Kathy’s Collection with Nourison Rugs 

As we sat and literally chatted for about 20 minutes, believe it or not, I did not realize that this was our interview! I was waiting for her team to structure this interview with mics, or video, or whatever else happens when interviewing very famous people.  

Same venue as my interview with Kathy  Ireland @Nourison Showroom 

However, the take aways were priceless to me as I gleaned a personal insight into an incredibly intelligent, successful, but above all else, the authentic heart of Kathy Ireland. Here is why I say this:

Her mission:“Finding solutions for families but especially busy moms”. One of the most beautiful models and successful business women of our time cares about families and moms with her home products that are afforable, durable, and of course beautiful. An example are the licensed collection with Nourison rugs. I observed her collection to be wonderfully designed but also practical, with a look to satisfy all tastes. I was delightfully surprised.

When I commented on her breathtaking diamonds, she shared with me the introduction of  a line of diamonds priced for the not so rich. I was of course fascinated as she showed me that it is the setting on certain bracelets that allows for more women to own Kathy Ireland jewelry.  I was excited.

Then she spoke of her mission to know that her diamonds were mined from fair trade practices doing surprise inspections to learn first hand about the working conditions. I also learned from her that this is the same surprise inspection for her rugs to insure children and others are being protected. I was impressed.

Kathy proudly speaks of her marriage of 30 years and of her 3 children that she is immensely proud of, not only for what they are doing, but additionally for who they are as individuals. With true depth of her mother’s heart, Kathy spoke of her daughter at college telling me about  all her daughter was involdved in doing and becoming. She talked just like a real mom not a rehearsed script. I was touched.

Asking her what she does to release the pressures and stresses of her life, ready?  She surfs!  I was amazed.

However, she said her real foundation of her staying grounded is starting her morning and ending her day with prayerful meditation. How refreshing it was for me to hear again her heart. I was affirmed.

My last insight to share with you is this; Kathy focused on me during our entire interview like I was the only one in the room. Mind you, there were crowds of market people, and her entourage, and of course, the good folks at Nourison rugs. Nevertheless, with all these distractions, she kept her focus on me with her lovely smile and her genuine graciousness. I was honored.

These are only a few of my insights as to why I am able to write, that even though she’s considered one of the top wealthiest women by Forbes, Kathy Ireland is a beauty way more than merely skin deep. This is a beautiful woman whom  truly radiates her beauty inside and out. I was convinced.

Living and loving life together,

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