My Favorite Things

I can’t wait to show you all of my favorite things about Cypress, our beloved home. And yes, after all we’ve been through and have yet to go through, it better be our beloved home!

My beverage bar is one of my favorite things. Oh, this is not your ordinary beverage bar. Oh no, this is the over-the-top, crème de la crème beverage bar and I will tell you why.

Where does everyone gather to hang out? Family and friends love to congregate in our kitchens unless it’s a formal, catered something-or-other affair.  And even for those occasions I have observed the die hard kitchen hang-outers keep on hanging out in their favorite hang out space.

I have designed every inch of Cypress and these beverage bar inches are some that I am most proud of because:

  • The “mostest” special thing about this area is the space planning which ranks even higher to me than lighting and that’s really saying something!
  • Guests love a linger spot and this beverage bar next to our 10-foot kitchen island gets a lot of lingering.
  • Bar stools abound for the most committed lingerers.
  • Beautiful but functional lighting.
  • There is plenty of personal comfort space with 7.5 feet between end of island to beverage bar.

You can see for  yourself the space planning and the functional storage and lovely amount of surface area…something most beverage bars never have enough of today.

But “mostest” of the “mostest” best part of this area? My kitchen space planning design keeps everyone out of my way! I really, really love serving and hosting, but I need my kitchen working space to do it without saying excuse me every two seconds. I can hear you kitchen cooks saying, “amen sister!” And I’m right there hearing and seeing my mostly loved guests [you know, the ‘ole 80-20 rule again].

I promise you, if you ever come to see me at Cypress or take one of my classes here in our “living lab”, I will make sure that you leave knowing you are one of the 80% of guests that I love!

Living and loving life together,



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