Why is this move so hard? After all, we have moved from Ohio to New Jersey, New Jersey to California, and California to Wichita. What is so very different about this move from Wichita to NE Ohio? Please read on…

For starters, we have lived in Wichita, Kansas for 30 years. This is longer than anywhere else during our married life. My design business started here, I completed my masters degree in Interior Design from Wichita traveling to Oklahoma a day a week for year and a half from here, attained my professional interior design status or ASID while living here.

From early grade school, our three kids grew up here in our family home with two going to KU and one going to the School of Mines in Denver. However, their home base was here in Wichita.

The very best medical doctors took care of us here with the exception of Bob’s need for MDA in Houston. Even so, his care was coordinated from here. Our church life was here along with many dear, dear friends whom we have loved over many decades.

Why else is this move so hard? Bob retired from here. For those of you that have retired or have a spouse that has moved into an entirely new life stage, you know this is a big deal! 

But for me personally, I have also semi-retired I guess from my love of being an interior designer. This is not a big deal for me but a HUGE deal for me! You see, I have loved my life as a designer for tons and tons of reasons, but I will miss my clients and resource relationships the very most.

I hope that you will stay in touch with our downsizing, Lifesizing® journey in the weeks and months ahead.  One thing that will remain constant is this blog, my social media connecting with you all, and my speaking on all things to promote moving forward with gusto to live life to the absolute fullest for all these remaining for you and me and Bob too!

Our little buddy is desperate to find a snuggle spot, but he did!

Living and Loving Life Together,

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