Mitzi’s Designer Blunder

Okay, so it was recovering my wing back chair seat chushions 3 times that had me eating that ole humble pie again.

Now I had my heart set on this fabulous and might I add pricey fabric from Brunschwig and Fil, a document print no less from England, in the perfect blue and white combo to go with my existing B&F (Sister Parish fabric they call it) fabric chairs. Like most colors, blue is really hard to match so this toile was absolutely perfect in scale, pattern scene, and color.

So far, no problem…right?

Off they go to the upholsterers or were scheduled to do so when I had my designer mind over reasoning on the function of this lovely expensive linen fabric on chair seats and what if this and what if that and away I go for another fabric for just the seat cushions.

Did I mention that blues were hard to match? Drove myself a bit over the edge on this one but finally did find the perfect blue match and it was even in stock. Did I mention that our house is on the Wichita Junior League Kitchen tour SOON and I need my chairs done and back?

Imagine the upholsterer’s dismay when he brought the chairs back and I was trying to be discreet but my heart sunk like oh no, ”how could I mess this up so badly” was the expression on my face.

Well, then I searched and searched for the right off white neutral in a bullet proof fabric for the seat cushions. Did I mention how many zillions of off whites there are? And finding one in stock and one that is fairly bullet proof?

Did find the fabric and Bob and I took the seat cushions back to the upholsterers and had them redone in the perfect off white fabric but…then, they looked worse than the blue!

Did I mentions that we are on a house tour with possibly hundreds going through my house very SOON?

So for the THIRD time, the cushions were redone in the original blue fabric and I am totally satisfied knowing that when I get the kidney pillows done and the drapery behind the chairs completed, this will be a truly lovely seating vingette.

Whew! Are you as tired as I am just in writing about all this? Fortunately, noone will know what went on…right?

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