Million Dollar Decorating features the BoomerSmart journey

Who hasn’t heard of Million Dollar Decorating? It was so cool to recently be interviewed by the one and only James Swan — the man behind the entertaining and inspiring podcast covering the world of design. For those who haven’t had contact with him or aren’t familiar with the award-winning interior designer and author, he is as nice off the air as he is on the air. I hope you enjoy our podcast of my BoomerSmart journey! Simply click the image below to have a listen.




I would love to thank all of you who have listened to this podcast. I also hope that there were some tidbits of design or life wisdom that will spur you on to your own processing of your home’s living spaces and how they either enhance or detract from your daily living. You have the power to change your environment. Believe it and it will happen!


Living and loving life together,




P.S. There’s still time to join me for my exciting new workshop series: Living the Vibrant and Chic Life After 50! My first workshop at our home, Cypress, is October 19. Click to learn more and register today! 



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