Christmas is around the corner, and we’ve already started feeling the Yuletide spirit! But one question keeps us all on our toes, “What should I gift my family, friends or even my colleagues in the workplace?”. With so many Secret Santas going on everywhere, you’re sure confused – you want your gift to be the best and something unique too. Don’t worry; we’ve got you here! We’ve got some gift ideas which you could definitely consider:

Christmas gift

For the gentlemen:

  • For the wonderful men in your life, you could opt for a beard grooming kit. Or simple a grooming kit. And the part is there is a lot of organic stuff available out there – so yes, it’s a perfect gift for him!
  • You can even consider gifting a power breakfast hamper, to the fitness freaks who would be definitely touched by your gesture.
  • Another option could be a personalized whiskey barrel – you sure cannot go wrong with this one!

For the ladies:

  • There are so many options available when it comes to gifting the ladies, and that’s what leaves us even more confused! So let’s look at what can we gift the ladies (and secretly wish they love it!)
  • For tea lovers, you could go in for a tea hamper, which has curated specimens of assorted tea powders from all corners of the world.
  • You can even gift them a set of Christmas decor; they’re always on a lookout for more every year! Again, a gift hampers with organic products (Soaps, hair care, skin care…the list just goes on!) is something they’ll just love!

For the little ones:

  • For these tiny tots, go in for a customized version of UNO cards. They’ll love it!
  • You can also gift them pillowcases or cushions in varied shapes with fun quotes or their names on them.
  • You can even opt for DIY kits of varied things – robotics, cars, jewelry, Christmas decor – the options are endless!

If you’re running out of ideas (or time!) a box of chocolates or cookies will never go wrong – after all, the way to the heart is through the tummy! Just make sure you don’t stick to the regular chocolates or cookies – there are many options available out there – a little research will get you the best!