What do you do day in and day out many times? You change your clothes, right? Read on to see my closet dilemma in our recent moving and relocating to NE Ohio.

It stands to reason that any activity that happens every single day needs to help us not hinder us in this on going day-to-day ritual. Often daily life can certainly be stressful enough so why add to it with a dysfunctional closet? A non-working closet is like a dripping faucet continually adding more stress whether it is conscious or unconscious stress. It is simply stressful to have to work at what to wear due to closet frustrations.

Unfortunately, I do not have an original photo of my walk in closet, but I can give you a mental picture. There were wire shelves and rods, no drawers, the original carpeting, dull paint and inadequate lighting. Obviously, a top priority was to redesign and upgrade my closet. With all due respect to our previous owners, this is what closets looked like 14 years ago.

After removing wire racks and carpeting plus painting and new flooring!

First step was to create a new shell or a clean canvas to begin this closet transformation. Out went the original carpeting and the wire closet fixtures. Repainting with a refreshing white paint and continuing the same engineered wood flooring made such a huge difference. I could almost actually feel the new clean life this closet now conveys. 

My closet fixtures from Home Depot unboxed and set to install

Then came the hardest part of my master closet redo, designing a functional space to work in my new downsizing life. Now you all know I love my shoes! And I also love having appropriate, comfortable, but stylish clothing. Therefore, designing this rather small closet to work for me was a major challenge. Final answer, I just had to continue brain drain of sorting and eliminating to accomplish a functional closet for me. No matter how good the design, unrealistic amounts of clothing, shoes, purses, and accessories simply had to be pared down, really pared down!

BobBob the builder back at it again!

Installing Progress

As you can see, I have not totally accomplished setting up my new life downsized closet yet. Why? Because I am still in the unpleasant task of really analyzing what I will keep or give away. “But wait Mitzi, didn’t you already do this before your move?” I did indeed do a ton of this sorting and etc. but still have too many items to make my daily ritual of dressing not stressful. It is taking me longer than I would like but in the end, the peaceful start and finish to my days is my carrot that keeps me from just saying the heck with it and jamming it all back in just to be done already.

My current closet ready for final organizing.

I hope that my post may quicken your senses as to the daily stresses of your life that you may not have realized is even happening. Regardless of how large or small your closet is whether a walk in or not, give yourself a huge favor and begin to begin this process of downsizing your personal possessions. In the end, you will be so satisfied at your efforts wondering why did it take you so long.

At least this is what I am telling myself!

Living and Loving Life Together,

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  1. Janet Lorusso

    So so true! Editing and culling the things that are most important is (or at least should be) a lifelong exercise! And you have inspired me to do some serious closet editing – I probably really only wear about 20% of the things I am hanging onto! Love your new closet system and best of luck on your continuing editing mission!

  2. Mary Ann Benoit

    So true….My closet needs so much help! I am inspired:)

  3. Lisa Peck

    I could not agree more with your idea of designing daily stress out of life. Our daily routines can be stress-free when we have well-designed spaces.


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