Let Me Tell You

Let me tell you a little bit about the designed life I’ve been living.

As a wife, mother and grandmother at this stage of life, I have had a lot of living experiences!

I will be sharing what has worked and not worked for me in all areas of living, which are:

  1. Attitudes.
  2. Lifestyle choices.
  3. Living spaces defined and designed.

There is a common denominator in all these areas that equips us for successful living and that is WISDOM.

Throughout my various life stages, I have done things right on and also have done things that well, frankly, were really off base…really….really off base.

So here I am…a living testimony of opening up my life with the sole purpose of inspiring, encouraging, and equipping others to live their wisdom with all the rewards that will bring…always.

My life story reflects what I value and what I believe. Daily, I fight the constant struggles that everyone else faces…the battle with distractions from my goals, the conspiracy of the urgency, fatigue, resignation (why bother?), travel, family, conflicts, medical issues, finances, and on and on.

But, and this is a very big but, I refuse to give in to all the above. Oh, I have my days when I call it shutting out the world… Noone comes in or goes out. I have discerned that these “shutdown days” are absolutely foundational for my going forward to reach new levels of success in all areas.

I have tons of extremely valuable tips for making each day one of calculated wisdom living versus letting the “whatevers” control our days and eventually our lives.

I love my life! I enjoy exceptional health, I am blessed beyond measure with my husband Bob for more than 44 years, an amazing family, an inner circle of authentic friends, and I cannot express enough the joy of living in Cypress, our beloved restored 1930’s home.

But another but, ALL of this has come with a very high price tag…both figuratively and literally. I have worked extremely hard on all these areas and now the rewards are so paying off. There was no luck involved here and no, I am not just naturally slender!

So do not think or assume that my life just fell into place in these my later 60‘s without a commitment to keeping on keeping on. Oh my gosh, wait to you hear of all my setbacks and struggles.

And now, I am living my designed life to the best of my efforts to be a voice of encouragement saying, “do not give in or give up!” Learn and grow and be a person of influence to those around you. They are watching you whether you realize it or not.

How totally exciting this transformation of living in wisdom will be! I can’t wait to hear the stories of lives restored through renewed minds, wise lifestyles and intentionally functioning homes as you see, experience and learn to be…


Living and loving life together,



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