Can Bathrooms Be Both Safe and Luxurious? Join the Discussion!

Gorgeous, yes? But is it safe? Is it #BoomerSmarts?

Let’s talk about it!

Come and join me this Wednesday, Oct. 1st on Twitter, as I guest host Stacy Garcia’s Kitchen and Bath Tribe Chat [ #kbtribechat ] at 2 pm ET, 1 pm CT, 12 pm MT and 11 am PT for a fun, 1 hour conversation on


For those of you who might not be familiar with the #KBTribeChat [ ],  it is a chat that was started by Stacy, who with her husband owns a company called Garcia Cabinetmakers in Huntington Beach, California [ here’s an interview post on The Decor Girl’s blog with Stacy, about her business.]. Stacy’s popular weekly Twitter chat brings together kitchen and bath design pros + the brands that support them, to talk about all things kitchen and bath related every Wednesday on Twitter.

This week, Stacy asked me to guest host her chat on one of the topics most important to me and to my interior design clients here in Wichita: bathrooms and how we can make them both safe AND luxurious.

She wrote a post on the #kbtribechat blog, linked to below, which shares the 4 questions we will be asking.

 If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat before, here’s a graphic showing you how to to do it.


I hope you’ll join in or listen in this Wednesday, October 1st on Twitter, at 2 pm ET,  as everyone shares their tips on how to make #BoomerSmarts bathrooms both safe and luxurious.

Here’s an example of one I designed for a client of mine here in Wichita, that won an award locally.
If you haven’t seen my new videos about the #BoomerSmarts bathroom planning that Bob and I did for our own home, Cypress, the home I call our living laboratory for my #BoomerSmarts design principles,  I invite you to please click here.

Thank you and I hope to see you Wednesday with Stacy on her #KBTribeChat at 2 pm ET!  

Mitzi Beach, ASID, NCIDQ, CAPS

Masters In Interior Design

High Point Market Style Spotter – #HPmktSS



If you are a kitchen and bath brand that plans to participate in this Kitchen and Bath tribe chat, or even if you can’t participate, may I invite you to please send an email to me at if you would like to have me review your product for a possible #BoomerSmarts seal of approval?

If your product meets my criteria, then, for a fee, you will be able to 1. use my Certified #BoomerSmarts Product badge on your own websites and blogs to reach your market more effectively. 2. Be listed in the #BoomerSmarts seal of approval consumer products directory on my site, 3. Have your product mentioned in one of my videos on The Design Network,  to reach America’s 80 million baby boomers  more effectively.

If you’re a designer who would like to sign up for my 4 hour #BoomerSmarts CEU which, upon completion, would give you: 1. A download link to use my Certified #BoomerSmarts expert badge on your own websites or blogs [if you would like ] to let your potential clients know you’ve received additional training by me in helping them stay in their homes as long as possible and 2. to be listed on my own site at in my Certified #BoomerSmarts designer directory by state, please see: up

Thank you again.

Mitzi Beach, ASID, NCIDQ, CAPS

Masters In Interior Design



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