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Mistakes Are Costly!

Hire me to save you time, money and peace of mind.

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Are you in that muddle state of do I move? Or do I upgrade or remodel my existing home?

And OMG, what to do or where do I even start with all my stuff??

Well, a few hours with me to help you get the ball rolling on whatever your current dilemma might be is your answer.

You see, I accomplish miracles in a short amount of time. Really, I do.

Let’s get started! I’m ready. Are you ready to get going with your life?

At the very least, downsize! Your adult kids are counting on you to do this so they won’t have to do it for you!

Mitzi provides consultations by the hour or project for:

Kitchen or bath remodel
Entire home upgrades
Evaluating floor plans
Assessing a remodel vs. relocating

Email me at Let’s see how we can give you your customized walk-through consultation package for the very, very minimum, peace of mind.