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THE REALLY BIG SHOW, fall 2015 High Point Furniture Market, is over. I have to say that it is a let down emotionally, physically and especially socially for those of us who are in small design practices. Why? Oh, let me count the ways!

First of course, it is all the over-the-top hype for what is new, who and what is hot right now, new product launch parties, reconnecting with our very special and long term industry friends, educational forums, networking opportunities, meeting some of the most incredible and gifted people, and my favorite, seeing my friends I’ve made all because of either social media or High Point Market. ALL OF THIS and I truly mean, ALL OF THIS, now makes the twice-a-year market event a true do-not-miss event for me.

Most of us seriously evaluate how we spend our travel dollars now in this post recession time. It is very costly to attend conferences and markets. I now have two that I really hope to not miss which are High Point Furniture Market and the Design Bloggers Conference which is sponsored by Esteem Media.

But doesn’t most of life boil down to relationships? I am finding this true whether it is in business or personal connections. It is all about who we know, respect, trust. My life is enriched with these valuable relationships. This means cheering our successes and being  there to support us when we are struggling, whether in our business or personal relationships.

I am richly blessed by the relationships of the community I connect with at High Point Market. I miss so many of you already due to the probability that it will be at least April before many of us connect again in person.

So as I wrap up my final post as part of the Design Bloggers Tour for fall’s Hight Point Market, just know, there are people behind all the glitz and glamour that have and are working extremely hard for our industry. I thank you all.

Now, last but definitely not least on my market posts, here we go as I  share some of my favorite pieces from Century, Rowley Company, Theodore Alexander and Sauder.

The first stop is the tastefully refined Century showroom. Many well-known designers have their design collections with Century. As would be expected, different designers are known for their signiture looks. Therefore, very obvious were the lovely array of styles, finishes, sizes and shapes.

And, for those that caught that I admit to my desk fetish, here’s proof!


Be still my desk fetish heart! Could this charmer not work anywhere?  And for those without my desk affliction, it could easily be a bar set up too.


See what I mean about beautiful and appropriate scale and proportion that Century showed this market? This fabulous table could be just what a home office work space needs. Then, it could so easily be converted for dining or casual suppers or just be the ticket for pizza hang outs.


I literally stopped mouth open and said to myself with no one around, “Now this is another perfect desk!” Oh my, the beautiful shade of red, the size, lacquer finish and detailed carved trim give this gem an A++. 



Yes, why not a red dining table? Do you know that most 5 star restaurants use red?      The experts tell us that red makes us linger longer. We’ve seen many red dining rooms but not many red dining tables. Again, love this table because it can be whatever is needed like office/library/dining room combo.


Hmm, looks like another desk to me. But this time we are seeing a desk as part of a bedroom setting. Cool, now I have another place to add a desk. In our smaller housing trends, it is wisdom to think out of that box on furniture placement. This lovely piece could be any where just like most of these desks .


The 50+ demographic is really into unique pieces that say, “I am not old.”                        We have been seeing this trend adding pieces just like this wonderful bench to consumer’s  existing furniture.


This bench is highlighted because finally, a bench that actually fits the width of a king size bed. And again, think multipurpose for family room, entry, etc.

Awesomeness in a chair. A go anywhere chair that reeks of high style and yet gives the comfort level of a well used, favorite seat.

Rowley Company
Realizing that drapery hardware may seem like a stretch to include in favorites from market, but I have my reasons … designers always do! I am often being asked what do we put on our windows in these rooms with big screen TVs or even just wall TVs?

With many client success, when softness is needed versus shades or shutters, I have often used double layered draperies with a lovely textured sheer controlling TV glare for daytime sports and other TV viewing. Since less is more in today’s window treatments, I love using a wonderful overdrape fabric with an equally wonderful traversing sheer for light, glare, and privacy control as seen in our master bedroom below.

Rowleys #1



Just like what is the difference between a well-made quality sofa and a lower end sofa, it is what’s inside or what is not seen that counts. These drapery rods are of the highest quality working mechanisms. And this is what we, as designers, can offer from the big box product selections. We find quality solutions to every day needs. Therein lies my designer reasoning for sharing this with you.


Theodore Alexander
You know how often a problem ends up being a blessing in disguise? Well this is exactly what happend to me with a market scheduling conflict. However, my dilemma was solved by Adam Japko, with Esteem Media, and Ashley Griggs, with High Point Authority, giving me the awesome opportunity to be included anyway in the first Designer Bloggers Tour for High Point Market. Even though I could not join all of the tour scheduled with each sponsored showroom, Adam and Ashley went out of their way to allow me to do my own private tour. My “problem” became a huge blessing because I had one-on-one time with these fabulous furniture designers!

And Theodore Alexander is now on my forever market schedule as a do not miss!

Anthony Cox

 Anthony Cox is another genius in my designer opinion. I want to use so many of his amazing designed pieces. Here is a designer that has it figured out in high style but with function too. Function should be a given but let me tell you my dear readers, it is so often not the case at all.


I gasped at this take of a timeless classic coffee table! Look at those exaggerated legs with that incredible wood finish along with its hard to find size. For all our large open rooms today, so often scale and proportion are thrown out the window in guess where? The coffee table.


LOVE this console/sofa table/ desk for the same reasons I gave for the coffee table. The hours I have spent searching for larger pieces just like this and here it is. LOVE using two lamps on sofa tables that can also be used for laptop work, eating, the normal activities of life today.


Okay, one of my top winners again for function and multipurpose furniture pieces. The top opens for dining or larger work space, or use as a desk in a living room makeover to a library, the uses are endless. And, it is the typical beautifully finished Theodore Alexander piece.


I know, I know, another desk already. But, no question this secretary could be the perfect piece no matter if downsizing or not. The finish and designing details would delight any owner every time they opened it. And closed, the scale allows it to blend in anywhere.

Jamie Drake

 Jamie Drake is a gem just like his over the top hardward selections on his high style furniture pieces. I thoroughly enjoyed having this opportunity for a one-on-one conversation in his most comfortable, yet gorgeous chairs with the softest leather ever. Hopefully you will have an opportunity to check out all his thoughtfully designed collection, and I hope I get to connect again with Jamie.

Everyone’s in love with their pets, so why shouldn’t they have their own furniture, too? Whether two-legged or four-legged, these pieces by Sauder are something the whole family can enjoy!





My love for all things involving interior design and our entire industry never fades. Even though my business model changes often as our business climate changes often, my professional goal is to stay connected to all these wonderful events, showrooms, and most importantly to me, the relationships established. And at this Thankgiving time,  for these fine individuals, I am truly gratefully thankful.


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