Garage to Home – The Forgotten Space

Our Mud Room at Our Cypress Home.

As we prepare to leave our beloved Cypress, this month’s blog series highlights why our home, Cypress, delivers design features that truly elevate the quality of our living in a well designed home. Read on for how our home’s potential can impact WELLNESS in ways frequently overlooked.

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We’re tired, stressed, ready to be home to unwind.  But what actually often greets or assails us  as we walk in from our garage to our home? Is it piles of laundry, pet supplies, shoes or sports gear, backpacks, packages to return, mail, trash to be taken out? Does it have startling fluorescent lighting, boring walls, worn out flooring? If so my friends, this does impact our WELLNESS in a very big way.

How so you’re thinking? Unconscious stress is still stress to our physical state of WELLNESS. Especially, for women, coming home to what is described here does absolutely nothing to elevate one’s mood or endomorphines! What a sad state of affairs for zillions of women, not to even mention the overburdened single parents trying to cope with just about everything when coming home to face dinner, homework, and etc. This is a perfect example of why we need the WELLNESS BY DESIGN principles to alleviate these common stresses so prevalent in today’s homes. This common garage to home nelected space reflects our patterns of not considering how and where to store all our stuff.  

Therefore, let’s focus on how to improve what we see when returning to our homes.

5 ways to order your life from garage to home for both laundry rooms or laundry/mud rooms by considering these upgrades:

  • Instigate a war on ClutterCorner storage and coat rack from 
  • Design functional storage even if only vertical, is possible for mail, trash, groceries, lunches, laptops, purses, backpacks, amazon deliveries, and returns.

Beautiful storage solutions from 

Additional Storage and hanging mud room options from

  • Redo the lighting since very few garage to home spaces are adequately
  • Add some pizazz with wall paint or fun posters or colored bins or basketimage from
  • Consider safe flooring option like vinyl floor cloths

Finally, evolving are beautiful laundry rooms, mud rooms, or command central spaces that can achieve the desired calculated order versus the chaotic stashing of our stuff. Sadly though, these home upgrades are normally only seen in higher end homes, condos, and luxury apartments. The question that begs to be asked is why every homeowner does not demand more obvious order in their homes? My answer? Whoever talks about these spaces and relate to their own personal requirements?

Conclusion, these spaces must be designed.  They do not just randomly occur in most homes. This is such an obvious statement, right? What do most homeowners currently have now versus if given the choice, what would they have done differently?

Even though we all laugh along with these thoughts, laundry is a part of our of our lives. Therefore, please watch for our next post on these very neglected spaces with some fun ways to spruce up what we all deal with, laundry!

We know that we will never again have what Cypress gave us during this beautiful stage of our life. As our home is now on the market, we are excited for the next couple  to not only enjoy living at Cypress, but for them to experience a quality of life beyond most homeowner’s  expectations.

It is going to awesome for them!

Living and loving life together,


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