Exterior Happenings at Cypress

Cypress is the name we call our 1930’s home that we bought and gutted the inside in 2004. It was such a disaster. Rent a wreck has nothing on the condition of what we bought. EVERYONE thought we were nuts to consider such a major remodel especially AT OUR AGE.

But, we did it anyway living in a 750 square foot apartment for almost 2 years while Cypress was being gutted and redone. We are so amazingly happy here for so many reasons, but as you will see in this post, the projects continue 6 years later after moving in. The inside remodeling part of Cypress was completed before we moved sans completion of all furniture needs and cosmetic finishing touches but we certainly didn’t care…we were in!

Now Bob and I are I still very much working Boomers “pretty much” full time. Me with my Interior Design business and Bob traveling to oil refineries all over the place and I do mean ALL over like being in Canada a ton! In addition, none of our family lives in Wichita, Kansas which means a great deal of time is spent traveling.

And, we have done, or Bob has done a lot of the work himself which saves tons of money but takes tons more time. Hence, 6 1/2 years later, we are still doing projects. 🙂

The end is truly in sight with the last of them being our south side yard, the back east yard, the garage interior, and what we are calling “Bob’s Balcony” which will someday be a really cool spot on the roof of the screened in porch accessed from our sitting room upstairs.

So here are the before photos of what will be our future south yard area with white fence with lattice top as a background for a 30” high stone planter running the length of the fencing with 20, yes 20, tall skinny pines. Plus a brick walk way and brick patio with fire pit.

Timing goal? This fall is the plan at least for the fence and pines. We will just have to wait and see what “the rest of the story” looks like schedule wise as tons is happening this summer with family and etc. which of course is a definite priority!

All these finishing touches are soooo exciting to me. I hope that you enjoy sharing in our finishing our Cypress home together through these blogs of the before’s, the during’s, and the after’s. It’s gonna be so awesome!

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