Don’t Buy the Lie!

Yes, it is a lie we tell ourselves every holiday season. It goes something like this, “Oh well, it’s the holidays for Pete’s sake. I’ll get back on it after New Years.”


Yeah, sure, and Santa Claus is bringing me a Lexus and diamonds. Let’s all get real already. As we get older, those yucky pounds come on so easy and are just ridiculously hard to get rid of! How can we have our cake and eat it too? Very simple you BoomerSmart folks. Cook and eat smarter and still enjoy the holidays. I plan on doing just this exact thing. Honestly and truly, I am.


It is the holiday season and you know what that means … food, food, food! They say the average Thanksgiving meal consists of over 2,500 calories and can go up to 4,000. Here is where we can get smarter by cutting out those extremely fattening ingredients for super smart substitutes that are still over the top delicious. 


Trust me, I am a foodie! I live to eat not eat to live as those of you who know me can verify. I also am extremely picky on eating healthy, but I am just as picky on eating food that tastes really yummy. This is what us foodies that love to eat do.


So rather than cut out all the fun from the delicious holiday meal, let me share the secret to cutting out calories. Watch my video for all the lie-busting secret details:



My Holiday Deliciousness cookbook features recipes that are delicious, fast and healthy!




In this free download, you’ll find recipes for:


Honeysuckle Turkey Breast with Side Dishes




Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Pie




Pumpkin Pie




These recipes (and many more!) can be yours by simply subscribing to my email list. Just be sure to do so before December 31 as this is a limited time offer! You will be surprised if you try these recipes yourself how good they really are. And remember, don’t advertise that they are healthy for heavens sake! It’s our little secret. And it is also our way of ditching that holiday lie that it doesn’t matter cuz it’s the holidays. All you Boomer ladies out there know how tough it is to get rid of the blankety blank belly bulge!


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I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of wonderful food and fellowship. And remember to remember those that are alone this season. After all, isn’t there always room for one more?


Living and loving life together,




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