Are you aware that your home is giving you or your family or guests a message? If you are unaware that any space is never benign, then this post is for you! Read on to see Jake showing you 4 overlooked mistakes that can block the potential of your home’s soul robbing your peace and joy without you even knowing it is happening!

Downsize your beliefs that your home is merely that, your home. There is so much more that your home can give to you”.

This is my opening quote for chapter 6 in my book that I believe will inspire you to look at your spaces with a new enlightened perspective. As I have seriously studied and observed homes for over three decades, I see these four obvious mistakes at the top of the list that prevent a home’s powerful restorative potential. 


Good clutter? Oh yes, for sure since this is a Chrismas time scene of special gifts and times to be enjoyed. You all have experienced these times on different occasions. However, I am also certain that you, like myself, have seen this type of clutter going on way beyond any occasion. This simply is the way many live in their spaces. Don’t let this be you!

Now obviously all these clothes on my bed were for packing. But again, how many of you see bedrooms with clothes stacked everywhere? Clutter does indeed affect our sense of well being either consciously or unconsciously by challenging our mental ability to focus without all the mental sorting.

To hear and learn more about how our spaces affect us, listen to the “Inside Design with Kandrac & Kole” podcast that I was recently featured on. There you can hear me speak more on clutter and enlightening ways that our homes affect our WELLNESS in different ways than most have previously acknowledged.


Jake is a happy camper enjoying the beautiful warmth of sunshine that also lifts our spirits, just as the correct interior lighting does for us. Too harsh or incorrect lighting is such a mood killer and definitely compromises any design project. I write a ton about lighting in my book, in videos, and my blogs since I believe that lighting is the number one design principle overlooked or underestimated. I often joke that this is why God invented dimmers! We can never have too much lighting, but it needs to be adjustable for all the multipurpose activity that goes on in our spaces.

Jake says that he is okay with this low level lighting since he is enjoying his snuggle time and this dimmed lighting gives him the message that it is time to just hang out and veg.


How many homes do we see that have only hard surfaces or textures like Jake is in here on the patio before the cushions are put out. He’s asking where can he be comfortable? Hard surface flooring, leather or slick fabric on furniture, no fabric on the windows, lack of area rugs, and etc give a definite message. These types of spaces are not the places that are beckoning us in to restore and feed our souls, or to give us the essential time to reset and recharge to go out and face life’s demands again.

But Jake says, now you’re talking! Soft, cuddly fabrics do indeed provide comfort for weary doggies and people alike. These soft textures can be on a throw, pillows, or area rugs, but the point is to have something that says “this is your place” just for your own personal down time.


Jake is saying turn down the TV already! Most of you have heard of noise pollution, right? But have you ever realized that the constant noise in your home could actually be polluting your sense of calm and well being? When I go into a home where the TV or music is really loud, my total sense of concentration goes haywire! Plus, in today’s very noisy world that is constantly bombarding us, becoming aware and controlling our home’s noises can go along way to soothing weary souls. I would even venture to say that is impossible to have a calm, quiet, and serene environment in the home with too steady or too loud noise. I love music in my home but not a steady diet of it all the time because it unconsciously requires me to listen. Distractions of any kind are the enemy that can rob your peace and creative endeavors. Turn down the volume in your homes and give your mind a sweet break.


Jake is lounging in one of my favorite areas in my home because it holds many of my personal treasures. In this photo you can see this 20 year old family portrait that I never, ever, get tired of enjoying. There are other special gifts or meaninful items on the tables as well versus merely ”stuff” that has absolutely no meaning or value. This is another common mistake that I often see if filling up walls and tables with items that could be in anyone’s homes. In my book, I write about the “little stuff disease”. Do not let this be you! Purge that “stuff” and replace it with your personal treasures for the good of your home’s soul.

Most of you know that I love blue and white in fabrics so this beautiful toile fabric is truly a personal treasure for me to love and enjoy year after year. Other treasures are my autographed books, lovely antique platters and dishes, and my orchid collections. What treasures do you have in your favorite places that give you joy? For your home to truly have a soul, it must be of you and your special things that hold precious memories or identify your home as just that, your home.

Homes without a soul can really leave us this sad like Jake looks in this image. I hope that you have allowed Jake and me to awaken your unconscious to the conscious knowledge of your home’s potentail for you, your family, and your guests to be enveloped in a peaceful, restful, and joyful home. Afterall, don’t we all want to live and be in these homes? Knowledge is a powerful tool for all aspects of living life to the max so Jake wants you all to rock on in all your days and years ahead! Therefore, be smart, be Design SMARTS!

Living and Loving Life Together,

Mitzi Beach DesignSmarts Front Cover

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