DIY: How to lay a brick sidewalk

Last week we shared the steps Bob and I took to build the retaining wall at our home, “Cypress.” Now we’re thrilled to share another outdoor project — how to lay a sidewalk. For our example, we used bricks that had been recovered when we remodeled our 1940’s home — we had 5,000 bricks at our disposal!

The next time you’re considering DIYing your own sidewalk, remember these steps:

  1. Line up the sidewalk using a hose — establish your width and use stakes to show where to cut out dirt.
  2. Square cut edges and dig down 1-2″ for gravel and sand base
  3. Lay the bricks down
  4. Use brick-lock sand to help stabilize the brick (and keep shoe heels from getting stuck in-between the brick!)

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