You all know how our spaces take on a new life with wall art, mirrors, portraits and etc. But do you also understand the potential that your walls can do for your sense of well-being along with giving you visual joy?


Do you know what the expression “junk on parade” means? Well my friends, not to be insulting anyone here but it means stuff for filling in spaces with no regard to meaning or appropriateness. Now we all have things that probably fit this description, but this is referring to an entire home filled with meaningless items.

I have been in many homes where I could not decipher any clues to who lives there. Where are the items that reveal their likes, their personal history, or their travels? Now please you all do not misunderstand that I am saying fill up all your surfaces, bookcases, or wall spaces only with personal items. This is not even close to what I am meaning.

I believe that homes should have a personal identity. Does yours? Would anyone be able to identify that it is your home by what they can visually see? I look at other’s bookcases a lot because normally one’s books reveal a great deal who they are. I also look for family or travel photos. 


Pull out all your options as you consider your wall gallery. I had many more items that did not make the end selection because they did not work for the reasons listed in deciphering what to include.

If you are into wanting your homes to give you visual joy, a sense of identity, shows your personality, and elevates experiencing the max from our time at home, I suggest these qualifiers:

1. Does it provide a meaning or a memory?

2. Does it give you pleasure or joy?

3. Does it reflect who you are or your family history?

4. It is in proportion of scale and balance to your wall gallery?

5. Are the frames of good quality and are they the appropriate finish?

6. Is there a variety of sizes?

7. Do your art choices show your favorite scenes, or colors, or even animals you love?

8. Or does an item simply fit because of its size adding interest in the overall composition which is really what a wall gallery is.

Ready why I selected these items doing our own wall gallery here.


1. After your selections are complete, make a paper pattern of each item.

2. Lay all the pieces on the floor for your scrutiny of options to try.

3. Move them around here to save pulling out nails on the wall after you realize that there really were more options to consider.

4. Tape the paper patterns on the wall and scrutinized again. I changed mine after seeing the grouping on the wall.

5. Now hang your wonderful wall of your very own gallery.

After Bob and I finished this project I reflected back to all my years of helping my clients do this very thing. I often heard them say, “thank you, now it feels like my home again.”

And this is exactly what happened to me as I said, ‘whew, now I really “feel like I am home.”

Xoxo to you all and as always, thank you for following me!

Living and Loving Life Together,

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  1. Mary Ann Benoit

    I love that the gallery wall is a way to really make you “feel like you are home”. Great tips on how to do it.

    • Mitzi Beach

      Thank you Mary Ann! I do really now feel like this is home after doing the wall grouping. I appreciate your commenting!

  2. Lori Evans

    Love the action shots! Great post!

  3. Janet Lorusso

    Gallery walls ARE such a great way to express the personality of your home! Such excellent tips, Mitzi!

  4. Sheri Bruneau

    Great tips on how to create a gallery wall! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Leslie Carothers

    I love how your own newly rehung gallery wall so perfectly reflects what your post discusses, Mitzi. What a job that must have been to get it all the way you wanted it – but it sure looks nice.

  6. Lisa Peck

    I really like the questions you suggest asking yourself when choosing art and accessories for your home. Telling a personal story in your home is so important! Love your gallery wall.

  7. Carla Aston

    Oh, your hubby is so good to get up there and hang those! Mine does it too, but usually while grumbling. 🙂 Great tips, Mitzi! Love the newspaper template idea!


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