Color has a voice that can be visually noisy. Its hard to hear anyone if everyone is talking at once!

Do you hear what I hear? Yes, this is the title of a well-known Christmas carol. Oh yes, the sounds and smells of Christmas are loved by most of us bringing back sweet memories while our homes are being readied for this most wonderful time of year.

However, this is not about the music or fragrances of Christmas, but it is about the sounds resonating from the colors chosen to decorate for this season or actually any season, especially in a neutral room as my living room! Just glancing at this photo, what do you hear? It is the extremely loud sound of the red items like the poinsettias.  If this room were of darker colors, the voice of the red items would be much softer, perhaps barely even audible. 

It’s a theory with many color experts that wearing a red suit or piece of clothing when giving an important presentation communicates power and self-confidence. It has also been researched that literally painting a jail cell pink can calm an otherwise unruly inmate. Color theory then is used by many experts and non-experts to expressing an intentional message is not new news. But I am suggesting that color speaks or has a voice in your rooms or in your homes like it does in my design studio and and living room. The reds used in my studio were carefully calculated to be “a still small voice.”

Color can be very noisy when added to a neutral space or those with minimum color like our master bedroom. In this room, the color is merely whispering the message of a quiet hushed vibe to chill or to savor a quiet time of peaceful relaxation. I believe that walking into our bedroom is like walking into a peaceful sanctuary due to the muted textures combined with ocean like colors. Another point of discerning where depth of color is appropriate has everything to do with what is the underlying message or the volume heard from the color’s message in relationship with the calculateted goal of any given  space? In other words, red would not be my choice for my bedroom but others might enjoy it immensely.

In this sophiticated neutral space, using these unexpected neutral Christmas decorations  does not need to shout look at me. This room’s sultry sexy voice is over the top ultra sophisticated and effective.

See more pictures of this beautiful Sophisticated Farmhouse in the Country Living article linked here.

Now let’s relate color’s voice to our Christmas decorating as you view these examples of how color either loudly dominates or is quietly assimilated into these lovely rooms. See if you can distinguish the loudness or softness of the voices used in the Christmas decorations of this post. I predict that you all now will pass with “flying colors”!

Check out this Festive Farmhouse room in the Country Living article linked here.

Having a sense of color’s voices, it is easier to decide for our own rooms what are the sounds we want our decorations to communicate. On the cover and the pages inside the Christmas by Design book is a wonderful example of Shay Geyer’s Christmas decorations doing exactly what she designed them to do. The gorgeous warm golds of the ribbons, garland, and wrapped packages stand out or ‘’speak to us’’ against the luscious blues and greens.

Remember too, candle light has color. It is a very warm golden glow on of course, the warm side of the color wheel. By using a lot of candles in various colors, shapes, and sizes, even the most elementary of Christmas decorated rooms become aglow with not only the Christmas spirit but the voices of the season as well! 

We all love the warm glow of candles and Robin Lamonte used candles in a most lovely way! Check out her blog here!

I hope this helps you all distinguish what sounds of Christmas you wish to convey in your very own rooms. On the flip side, not understanding another side of color’s impact could be the why you often struggle with making your decorations be all that you want them to be. Perhaps it is time to listen to the sounds coming from your decorations and like any good choir director, only showcase those voices that can sing a tune you enjoy hearing.

Living and loving life together,

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