3 Ways to Keep Christmas Decorating Simple

I do not know very many these days that are into very elaborate decorating for the holiday season the way we used to do it. Please do not throw your ornaments at me for this statement!

Of course, there are those that still go all out like Denise McGaha, Pam Kelley, and Courtney Allison do with their over the top, fabulous results! But this post is for the majority of us that have either chosen not to go all out or have given away or trashed a lot of their decorations.

Now I can really hear you roar! Let’s be honest here, how many of us really love getting out all those stored boxes, sorting, arranging, and then taking it all down and storing it again?

As you can see by this feature photo of my living room, I do love Christmas and I do love to decorate my home for Christmas.  But I have discovered that there are easier ways to accomplish beautiful results with minimum time, effort, and money. Plus for those of us whose families now live in other states, we get to enjoy the wonderful efforts of our adult families decorated homes at this stage of life. What a win-win!

Here are my tips for you:

1. Remember that the principle of scale and proportion is the answer for big impact with minimum effort. Why? Little decorations get lost in the myriad. Without large elements to draw the eye into the display, everything blends together. Look at my mantle and see how the oversized wreath is the focal point, with the other items decreasing in size in a descending order. The results are a timeless classic Christmas scene that took very little time. However, the planning was the key to accomplish everyone’s favorite Christmas decorated mantle.

2. Use real greens when possible mixing them with faux or silk or artificial items. This way we can enjoy the wonderful fragrance of Christmas that fills our homes. Where I put my foot down on using faux versus the real thing is for my fireplace wreath and poinsettias. I order my wreath and my poinsettias ahead of time to get just the right size and color. This way I can have the biggest bang for my buck.

Image from Denise McGaha ‘s instagram. Check out her blog as well here

What a genious Courtney is to use fresh oranges and grenery for her outside holiday decor.  Check out Courtney Allison’s instagram and blog

3. Invest in significant items to enjoy and use year after year as Courtney Allison shows us what she uses in her bedroom decorations. She incorporates a stunning artificial tree of such gorgeousness, that I think is worth every penny and is a astute investment.

This is an investment Christmas Tree which is now on sale. Click Here for the link to purchase this stunning Christmas Tree featured on Courtney’s blog.  

Replacements, Ltd. has beautiful investment Christmas China for the holidays. Click here for their instagram and here for a link to their beautiful china options.

If you have not enjoyed Pam Kelley’s classic design posts you are missing out! Relating this beautiful cache pot to Christmas, is also an example of investment buying for items that work the entire year including any season.

Pam Kelly features this beautiful antique Majolica Cache Pot  investment piece which she used for her Christmas Decorating. Check out her Instagram here

Hopefully with these three tips for your holiday decorating you can reconsider your normal for a “new normal” making life easier on you and those you love too.

We would love to know what are your tips and tricks for your holiday decorating? Have you changed your decorating routine or are you remaining true to your traditions? Your input is always so very helpful for all of us trying to accomplish more with less time, effort, and money. Life today is a whirlwind of activities and commitments. Streamlining, but not downplaying this favorite Christmas holiday is our goal. Please let us know your thoughts so we can share your decorating wisdom with all our wonderful readers we have checking out our posts.

Happy Decorating!

Living and loving life together,


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