This post is just for you to really ponder if all your endeavors are giving you joy? In every day, week, month, and year there are those non-negotiable obligations. But, do you know how to determine the “have to’s” from the “want to’s’’ ?

Do you even realize that many of the myriads of things that you are DOING each day could be robbing you of your BEING? If you are like me, for too many years my had-to do list actually was a self-imposed premise stemming from no one but myself. Ouch, this is a reality that hurts me deeply because of all that lost time that never can be recovered.

Let’s delve into this very personal area of the way you spend your days, weeks, months, and even years like I have done and will continually keep assessing how I spend my precious time. Why must I keep assessing how I acknowledge what is a “have to” versus a “want to” list? It is because every life change and every life stage will certainly require a new assessment of what we are doing with the time given to us.

What are you DOING that can be blocking your BEING?

Using and DOING social media versus BEING in quality time with others?

DOING empty endless activities versus BEING joyfully engaged in selected activities.

Postponing DOING the necessary self-care versus prioritizing BEING healthier?

Routinely DOING self imposed endless to do lists versus mindfully BEING in control of categorizing your days.

Well if any of these questions are hitting the mark for you on the DOING versus the BEING know that you are definitely not alone! Too many O50’s especially,  (over 50 years) are living vague, non-purposeful days without any compass of where they are going . Don’t let this be you!

In my book, Design Smarts Inspiration for Home + Life, I have devoted an entire chapter on MINDSETS. The very purpose of  this chapter is to dig deeper into the untapped knowledge of how and what our mindset or our thinking has to do with how we are actually living our lives. I believe this is one of the most important chapters of my book because where your mind goes your life will surely follow.

Can you get my message for the beautiful roses on our arbor at our home? Yes, it is by considering how to take charge of your life so that you can indeed have the time to stop and savor smelling the roses!

Living and Loving Life Together,

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