Calling All Boomers!

Who are these baby boomers anyway?

Why is this demographic so difficult if not impossible to predict or profile?

Why does question #1 or #2 even matter at all?

Well, age wise, statistically, those born from 1946 through 1964 are labeled the Baby Boomer generation. It means those who now are from age 49 to age 67 are “The Boomers.” It is the largest demographic in America with 12,500 Americans turning 50 every day! For those knowing what age 65 legally demands, millions of Boomers have already entered the medicare system and millions and millions more have entered also the social security system. So just by the numbers age wise or the number of them, this is who they are. Plus, because of the Boomers sheer numbers, this is what makes them so important demographically in America today for about a zillion reasons.

And to figure out who they are, well good luck with that one! Marketers especially have been trying and mostly failing to predict Boomers profiles because for one simple reason. There is no one Boomer profile! I often say we Boomers go from the liberal pot smoking hippie revisited granola tree lover Boomer to the conservative married with 2.5 children living in suburbia driving a minivan Boomer to absolutely and totally EVERYTHING in between. So teaching, selling, motivating, inspiring, or simply just helping Boomers cannot be done by a one size fits all for the obvious and vast difference in Boomer personality profiles. And, speaking in a condescending or patronizing, one-size-fits-all tone to Boomers is a kiss of death, which will completely prevent them from hearing or accepting what is being pitched to them.

So why for heavens sake does any of this matter and why also, would I be writing a blog about all of this Boomer info?

Well, honestly, I care passionately about my fellow Boomers and I am sincerely concerned for their futures by what I am observing them doing or not doing. The main really big red flag I see for my “Boomermates” is being naive. Thinking or assuming that things will always be the way they have always been in America with government taking care of us either through medicare or social security or pensions from employers.

This simply and sadly is just not the case anymore.

So I am CALLING ALL BOOMERS to become aware of what they can do NOW to be preparing themselves for the futures they so deserve because of how hard they have worked and worked and worked.

This site is dedicated to my beloved Boomers in writings, photos, and videos on Boomer life and design.

This site is just for you…really and truly and if it helps only a few Boomers, that is enough for me.

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