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…are just 3 of the words that have been used to describe the personal stories shared by the women Mitzi interviewed for her book:  Boomer Smarts, Boomer Power!

In Boomer Smarts, Boomer Power read what…

Interior Designer Kelly Murray Kole of Kandrac has to say about S.paces
Kitchen Designer Geri Higgins has to say about S.paces

Messages of founder Leslie Carothers has to say about M.indsets

Lifestyle blog,The Daily founder Cynthia Bogart  has to say about  A.ttitudes
Kitchen and Bath Design Business Coach Barbara Barton of Barbara has to say about A.ttitudes

Author, speaker, educator and interior designer, Mitzi Beach, has to say about Healthy R.outines
Breast cancer survivor Mary Baldwin has to say about healthy R.outines

Christian speaker + founder of Modern Day Princess, Doreen Hanna has to say about T.ogetherness

Award winning lifestyle blogger and decorator Leslie Hendrix Wood, founder of Hadley,  has to say about S.pirituality
Publisher Karen Porter, founder of Bold Vision, has to say about  S.pirituality

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