Boomer Smarts Boomer Power—My New Book is Now on Amazon!

My new book Boomer Smarts Boomer Power: Six Steps to Living Your Best for the Rest of Your Life is now available on! I’m tremendously excited to share this book with you, as I’ve put so much of myself into it—I hope it resonates with you and, ultimately, improves your life.

Below are a few thoughts on the book’s purpose. To get your own copy (or a gift for the favorite Boomer on your Christmas shopping list), just click on over to Amazon to order now.

I wrote this book because America is not ready for us in our next stage of life. Perhaps even sadder is that Boomers, without the vision of believing we are not like former generations, are not ready either for our next stage of life.

But being optimistic, and like a true Baby Boomer, I think, “Well, we have changed every single decade of our Boomer history, why not change the way we deal with getting older?”

Without a doubt, I believe that aging better for Boomers involves being prepared in our homes, our health, and in our attitudes. We need to be proactive in demanding that our futures look different and not simply reactive, expecting the same pattern of aging as what other generations have experienced. Oh no, this old stinking thinking on aging is not for us believing Boomers! No, not for us Boomers who believe we will age like no other generation before us. Watch and see this huge movement unfolding in America to change the face of aging—and I’m not talking plastic surgery—by believing Boomers being a model for those who are grasping never-before-seen living spaces, healthy lifestyles, and “life-is-good” attitudes.

Just take how we visualize our homes for Boomers in their futures. I am a huge proponent that our homes propel us to a greater level of potential if we create sanctuary spaces that allow us to not just exist, but to live life to its fullest potential.

Gail Doby, cofounder and chief visionary for Design Success University, states: “Your house is not a home until it expresses your soul.”

Exactly! Life at this stage should be celebrated and expressed through our homes and in our healthy lifestyles and in our sassy, watch-me-now attitudes.

I wrote this book for the Boomer Believers and not for the Boomers determined to stay stuck in old paradigms in their minds, homes, and their health.

This is for those mover and shaker Boomers who visualize their futures as the most freeing and exciting times of their unique Boomer lives. And yet, major questions hang precariously in their Boomer minds. What will my health look like? What will my living spaces be like?

Well, now is the time for these Boomers to celebrate not only where they are presently but also where they are going. And it can be good, really, really good. But…

To step up and live the best years of a Boomer life, the answer lies in knowing and doing Boomer Smarts.

To Boomers everywhere:

“Live your Wisdom” by and through being a Boomer Smart Boomer. Become part of this exciting movement that is going to forever change aging in America.

And this is exactly why I felt compelled to write this book: To position Boomers to live the best rest of their lives, moving gracefully, and yes, even joyfully into this awesome stage of Boomerhood, whether that means in our fifties or in our sixties and beyond.

We are the Baby Boomers and we will indeed change the way America ages…you’ll see.


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