BoomerSmarts: Cooking 101

Cooking 101

There are 78 million BABY BOOMERS born between 1964 and 1946 and most are too tired from too busy schedules to cook so:

Now is the time to get cooking with BOOMER SMART cooking!

Boomer Smart cooking is:

  1. Healthy!
  2. Fast!
  3. Delicious!

So who wouldn’t want to know how to cook like this?

Our biggest obstacles today on cooking with these top 3 essential Boomer Smart cooking goals is not wanting to do so but not knowing how to grab and go with smart eating rather than just fast eating.

There are a zillion sites, books, TV shows out there with all kinds of information but still the dilemma remains for the millions of over worked and overwhelmed Baby Boomer on any given night with, “What is for dinner???”

Now summertime just happens to be our very best Boomer Smart friend when it comes to cooking with these Boomer Smart principles.

But, I know dear fellow Boomer, sometimes just looking at all these beautiful photos of gorgeous produce we think, “Nice, but who in tarnation has time to cup up all those fruits and vegetables?”

Yes, I think that myself sometimes too.

So here is my secret…don’t eat the elephant in one bite…no pun intended 🙂


  1. Decide on what lean protein you will have, such as chicken breasts .
  2. Add a salad with washed and prepared greens, such as spring mix. I use the organic package from Sam’s a lot.
  3. Add extra flavor, color, and tastes to your salad like nuts or seeds, a sprinkle of strong cheese like feta, yummy fruit in season, and whatever else suits your fancy.
  4. Keep it simple sister by using only LIGHT dressings! We will have a vlog soon on making your own salad dressings which is SO EASY AND SO BOOMER SMART!

When time and or energy are so not there, grab a roasted chicken already prepared.

Check out our BoomerSmart Cooking category for many ideas and recipes to get you started on your way to be a convert to the BABY BOOMER WITH BOOMER SMARTS.

Wait to you reap your rewards….it is all sooo good and sooo good for us.

With daily, 12,500 Americans turning 50 years old, and with all the new health care laws, isn’t it


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