The Two Essentials to Design Your Life to Thrive

Here I am speaking speaking to a group of O50s, those over 50, learning of the 2 main ingredients to live the vibrantly, fun- filled, healthy life that I believe is possible for everyone. Find out if you have or want to have these two important keys to living and loving your life now and for your future.

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Downsizing is a challenge for everyone. But as an interior designer, downsizing my own life and next home definitely brings its own unique pressures and challenges in my seeking joy in this huge life transition! Read why…

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Why I Did The Abnormal

It is not normal for authors to have a larger than typical size photo of themselves on the back cover of their books. As most of you have come to realize though, I have never been considered very “normal.” Read more to find out why I did this abnormally large author photo. 

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Take Me Away with Mr. Steam

Some of us remember that wonderful commercial years ago for Calgon bath salts, that translated to “get me out of here, and take me away”! Well, certainly in our hyped up, stressed out world we live in today, nothing could be more appreciated than the thought of escaping our worlds for a moment to de-stress.

One of our Design Hound sponsors at KBIS Las Vegas were made for this stressful time we’re living in–Mr. Steam. This is one of those wellness products that can help relieve some of that stress that medical research says is a negative thing in our lives.

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Wellborn Pet Paradise at KBIS

How cute is this doggie shower? This year at KBIS Las Vegas, Wellborn Cabinets had an adorable display of their featured products as well as this cute doggie to demonstrate this doggie shower! (I almost thought he was real!)

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Why I Wrote My Book & What Movement?

How could 30 years of my life have passed by so quickly? Digesting this reality is a shocking statement to comprehend even to me! But facts do not lie. Yes, the interior design profession has been my passion and my life work for these past 30+ years. Wow!   

During these past decades, I have loved helping my clients achieve much more than just upgrading their home. But now, I am transferring this same passion to my next endeavor. 

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Jake has a very special secret for you!

Is your life speeding by at break neck speed leaving you with very little time other than to hang on for dear life? Well it is time to take a very deep breath to chill out and reset your life. Find out Jake’s secret and click here.

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The 80 – 20 Rule

Many people are familiar with the 80-20 principle when it comes to business. This well-known philosophy—also known as the Pareto principle—dictates that 80 percent of your business likely comes from 20 percent of your customers. It has served countless business people throughout the years, as they learned to focus in on what is the most profitable way to spend their time.

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This is going to get a whole bunch of criticism, but I am going to tell you anyway.

I weigh myself everyday. There, I said it.

I really do know dozens of reason not to do so such as water weight, obsessing over weight, and so forth.

But, here is why when I’m at home (other scales don’t give me an accurate bank statement) I weigh myself daily.

As with my bank account, when I am over drawn, I need to be figuring out why I am over drawn and then set out to not let it happen again. My weight range is like my bank account. If I am over the limit on my weight range, it is a red flag saying, “Yo Mitzi, you are over drawn!”

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What’s for Dinner?

Oh man, how that simple question can so haunt us with anxiety, frustration, guilt and a zillion other feelings. 

I want to make cooking less frustrating by showing my examples of how to do it easier.  Plus, I might add, healthier and cheaper. 

It seems like today,  most people are too tired or too busy to cook… right?

I hear it ALL the time and the most common of all these verbal statements is “It’s only me” or “It’s only my husband and me, so why bother with cooking?”

Only second to hearing, “Are you actually serious about cooking dinner with our crazy schedules?”

I know, I know, as my life schedule is really crazy too on most days but…

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