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Downsizing Realistically…yes…even our clothes!

When I was designing Cypress, our restored 1929 home, my personal clothing closet/storage amount was intentionally kept to a minimum.

You are probably thinking, “Are you a crazy lady?” or “What are you thinking girl?”

Actually, I am crazy, but it is crazy about achieving a life of order, calm, and peace. Now, I cannot control what goes on in my day to day life as an interior designer, this new social media learning curve I’m on, and life in general, BUT, I can control my STUFF.

In other homes of ours, we had lots of closets and storage. Guess what happened? I routinely moved my stuff from closet to closet either at seasonal change out or with a goal of making my day to day space orderly and easily workable, without the normal chaos of sorting through what would not work on any given day. But, I never really “cleansed” or “purged” my belongings. I just stuffed them elsewhere out of sight… you know… that instant gratification of Americans today without any pain whatsoever of making or doing the hard choices. Continue reading

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Conquering Clutter

Thanks to Bonnie Holeman of Storage by Design for this great guest post!


Ask a dozen people what drives them crazy about their home, and most of them will confess that it is clutter. Therein lies the problem. Most people don’t know where to start correcting this chaos in their lives. If it takes more than 3 minutes to find something, you know it’s time to reorganize! Following are some simple guidelines to help you get started decluttering your closet, one of the biggest causes for concern when it comes to organizing your home.

First, set aside about 2 hours, gather 3 large boxes, baskets or bags and label them as follows: Continue reading

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Design Vlog: Introduction to the Cypress Design Series

Bob and I designed our home Cypress to be our “last hurrah.” In other words, we’re not planning on moving anywhere after here. One of the primary principles in designing a home with that in mind is “aging in place.” As you’ll see in this series, that is about much more than grab bars and raised toilet seats. I’m very excited to share with you how I’ve designed my home and (more importantly) WHY I’ve designed it that way.

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More Dubai Architecture & Design

Where does one begin to display the magnificence of Dubai architecture and design?

Well here goes, my last post on this beyond words trip of a lifetime (but don’t be surprised if some more photos pop up here and there).

As you will notice, the rich, vivid colors are used on ceilings, walls, floors, sculpture and even food presentation is simply breath taking!

This is one of MANY gorgeous ceilings that stopped me in my tracks at the famous Atlantis Resort at the end of the man made Palms.

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Lifestyle by Dubai

Living daily life in Dubai was such a delightful surprise to me experiencing how my family lived in their totally different part of the world. Of course I was a bit skeptical and yes of course it is very different, but now, well, let these photos speak for themselves.

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Dubai Architecture & Design

Okay, how does one possibly convey the magnificent architecture of Dubai? Every where is beauty unlike any of my experiences or travel. So to share a few photos in hopes of communicating even a fraction of Dubai’s stunning architecture from my eyes, is my meager attempt for this post.

Let’s start by touring Mark and Becky’s neighborhood where homes go from their normal to mansions. Becky says any thing can be called a villa…the range is vast as you will see.

This is the path we take to parks & lakes & shopping an easy walk away. I love this about Dubai neighborhoods.

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Dubai Lifestyle

Mark and Becky explained to me that the Palms is literally man made. It is shaped like a palm tree and at the end of the “fronds” is where this photo is taken…near the famous Atlantis Resort. So I am beginning this post at the Palms…..

Lunch @ the beach

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A Dubai Christmas

Yes! I know Christmas is so over BUT, I so wanted to share with you all our treasured trip to Dubai during Christmas to visit our son, Mark, his lovely wife, Becky, and of course our Dubai angels, Paige 7, Brooke, 5, and Max, 3.

WARNING!! I will be posting 5 blogs on our Dubai trip. It could become habit forming in your bucket list of travels.

Christmas Eve was a highlight to me of the entire trip and hopefully I can convey to you why.

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Doing Nothing Is Really Doing Something


Now for the good news on how we can indeed control or combat the inevitable stress that occurs in our daily lives.

Our expert on this topic of stress is Mary Maynard, RN CHTP UZIT of Denver, Colorado. Here are her opinions and suggestions based on her medical training and experience on what we all can do to lead a healthier life by being proactive on controlling the stress in our lives.

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Our Stress Really is Killing Us


This was one of many profound and valuable statements from my interview in Denver, Co, with the very sincere, learned, and passionate woman about her life’s work, Mary Maynard, RN CHTP UZIT.

Mary agreed to share with us her knowledge and expert advice on what stress does to us and how to de-stress our overwhelming and stressful lives. And yes, stress really is a killer!

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