Trusting the Instincts of Your Adult Children… and Letting Go

Today’s guest post comes from my friend Barbara Younger’s Friend for the Ride blog, recently chosen as one of the best Menopause Health Blogs by Healthline. In this post, Barbara shares her wisdom on trusting her adult daughter’s instincts enough to let go of chiming in on important wedding decisions. I believe we Boomers with adult children could all stand to do a little bit more of this.

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Calling All Boomers!

Who are these baby boomers anyway?

Why is this demographic so difficult if not impossible to predict or profile?

Why does question #1 or #2 even matter at all?

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Our Cypress Courtyard

Our “antique” roses showing off.

Perhaps it is becoming a “mature Boomer” that more and more the little things in life give me such incredible pleasure.

Perfect example is our Courtyard here at our home we call Cypress. These gorgeous roses were original with our 1930’s home and were barely surviving when we started renovating this lovely home, whose beauty was almost destroyed by years of abuse and neglect.

So these rose stalks, we couldn’t call them rose bushes, were dug up from the front of our home and planted out back. They were literally just stuck in the ground and ignored for years while the house tediously became our Cypress home.

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Shrimp Scampi Beach Style

Pete’s Seafood is the best on Holden Beach, NC

When we are at our Beach house on Holden Beach, North Carolina, because it is a rental beach house, my cooking is never an exact science because I DO NOT like cooking on electric ! It is basically a “I hope I don’t totally mess up this beautiful seafood” as the electric does not automatically adhere to my really fussy demands of how high or low the heat needs to be.

But, with that said, I have managed to turn out some pretty good meals for those I love to cook for at the Beach Dream as the house is called. Also, while there, wasting food is a really big no no for me because it is always so fresh and beautiful and to think of throwing it away truly pains me.

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Exterior Happenings at Cypress

Cypress is the name we call our 1930’s home that we bought and gutted the inside in 2004. It was such a disaster. Rent a wreck has nothing on the condition of what we bought. EVERYONE thought we were nuts to consider such a major remodel especially AT OUR AGE.

But, we did it anyway living in a 750 square foot apartment for almost 2 years while Cypress was being gutted and redone. We are so amazingly happy here for so many reasons, but as you will see in this post, the projects continue 6 years later after moving in. The inside remodeling part of Cypress was completed before we moved sans completion of all furniture needs and cosmetic finishing touches but we certainly didn’t care…we were in!

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Armed and Ready to do Serious Battle (with Those Bulges)

Well, the temperature is spiking up and so is my weight…yuck!

“When I was younger,” pounds came on but not in places that were sooooo obvious and soooo ugly. Now days however, no matter if a size 6 or 14, we older Boomer ladies fight menopudge constantly.

So here is my battle plan to conquer the nasty battle of the bulge…ie tummy roll. Man, I was so not ready to do this battle again and again already!

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My “Beach“ Journey of Shells

Okay, so here we go again with this Beach connection but again, it really is a true blue connection on so many levels. This post being on the levels of my personal journey as one of the oldest of the baby boomers on this journey into “BoomerHood” of life stages through the metaphor of Beach shells.

My last name is spelled Beach like Holden Beach, NC where these shells were found during our last visit. I walk miles and miles on this beautiful beach whenever we are there. Most often, I walk alone deep in thought and tons of prayer so I am always surprised when I realize that my goodness, I’ve walked 2 miles already which means of course, that is 2 miles back to our beach house.

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Our Home “Dressed Up” for Touring

“One more thing” as the late Peter Falk always said in the TV series Columbo, applies to wrapping up our home, called Cypress, being on the Wichita Junior League first annual kitchen tour.

I just couldn’t stand not sharing with you all the lovely job done by the Plaid Giraffe Gift Shop, Wichita Valley Floral, and of course all the hard working Wichita Junior League ladies working so hard for our local agencies in need of volunteer time and financial support.

So my “one more thing” is actually many things in photos to wrap of this very successful event.

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Cooking Vlog: Outtakes from Appearance on KSN-TV’s “Baan Appetit”

Even though the kitchen tour has passed, and even though it was only for our Wichita, Kansas, area, we were so excited and honored to represent the Wichita Junior League first annual kitchen tour for KSN’s TV promo segment with Barbara Baan, we just had to share some behind-the-scenes fun with you all. So forgive us if you are scratching your heads, why for Pete’s sake, we did this one, who knows if this will ever happen again?

Also, first time on TV for our home, which we call Cypress, and absolutely thrilled to do so. And working with such a professional as Barbara Baan, was indeed an eye opener to me how easy she makes it look when it was so not easy for me!

Plus, we also wanted to honor the other kitchen owners who truly love their kitchens and actually cook in them! 🙂

Click here to view the full segment on KSN’s website.

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I know, all these Beach names are so confusing but they are really real, promise!

My name of course is Mitzi Beach. We have a rental on Holden Beach, N.C. and I do Beach cooking there (see our recent vlog here) at the Beach Dream, the name of our Beach House.

Oh my, lots of Beach stuff going on for sure in my life but cooking and eating where ever we are is what we all love and we want to make it fun, tasty, and healthy. And yes, that is not an oxymoron!

So I am sharing my family and friends absolute favorite seafood dish that I cook while at our Beach Dream ocean home. I only buy at Pete’s Seafood Market and normally our seafood is caught the night or morning before…need I say more on how heavenly this is? Many markets however across the country now boast of bringing in fresh/frozen seafood which works also.

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