This is going to get a whole bunch of criticism, but I am going to tell you anyway.

I weigh myself everyday. There, I said it.

I really do know dozens of reason not to do so such as water weight, obsessing over weight, and so forth.

But, here is why when I’m at home (other scales don’t give me an accurate bank statement) I weigh myself daily.

As with my bank account, when I am over drawn, I need to be figuring out why I am over drawn and then set out to not let it happen again. My weight range is like my bank account. If I am over the limit on my weight range, it is a red flag saying, “Yo Mitzi, you are over drawn!”

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What’s for Dinner?

Oh man, how that simple question can so haunt us with anxiety, frustration, guilt and a zillion other feelings. 

I want to make cooking less frustrating by showing my examples of how to do it easier.  Plus, I might add, healthier and cheaper. 

It seems like today,  most people are too tired or too busy to cook… right?

I hear it ALL the time and the most common of all these verbal statements is “It’s only me” or “It’s only my husband and me, so why bother with cooking?”

Only second to hearing, “Are you actually serious about cooking dinner with our crazy schedules?”

I know, I know, as my life schedule is really crazy too on most days but…

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Live Forward

Is your life feeling a little too tight? Maybe pinching you here and there in your home arrangement or your wellness meter. Well, then perhaps it is time to wise up and change your lifesize.

Most of us are just doing the best we can do day by day.

Most of us have really good intentions to change our lifestyles for the better.

Most of us really and sincerely want to be and get healthy.     

For most of us then for our wants and needs to actually happen, here it comes, this words that make most of us cringe… we need to have a plan and a realistic one. 

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The Rest of My Story

“I lasted all morning but left midway into the afternoon session demoralized, discouraged, and definitely feeling and believing that no one could be more stupid than I was to dream this goal.”

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What Was I Thinking?

WHAT WAS I THINKING?? My untold journey to become “legit”
If you are interested in my saga of pursing my goal, grab a cup of coffee or “beverage of choice” and read on…

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