Wishing the Best for All My Fellow Boomers

Part of why I do what I do is to help my fellow Boomers, especially as we all age (like it or not). What’s been your biggest Boomer challenge?

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Recap: What a Blast I had on Baan Appetit!

I hope you had a chance to catch my appearance on Barbara Baan’s “Baan Appetit” segment earlier this week on KSN-TV (channel 3 here in Wichita). If you didn’t (or of course if you live elsewhere), I’ve embedded it below for your convenience. Please bear in mind there is a short advertisement, placed there by the news station, before the actual clip plays. If you sit through those 30 seconds, you’ll be all set to watch. 🙂

If you’d like the recipes Barbara and I cooked here, you can find them by clicking over to last week’s blog post. Don’t forget to also check out the entire BoomerSmarts Cooking category here. My previous appearance on “Baan Appetit” can be viewed here.

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Food Can Be Your Friend – Choose Carefully!

Food can (and should) be your friend. It’s all about planning ahead and making the RIGHT food decisions. Learn more in my BoomerSmarts Cooking posts here!

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Oh man, how this one simple question can so haunt us with pressure, frustration, guilt, and a zillion other feelings. While it may seem easier to grab the most convenient bag of fast food on your way home, you certainly won’t feel as healthy or energetic doing that — and likely won’t be as happy with the associated weight gain either.

Instead, we Boomers need a quick-and-easy way to also stay healthy and feeling our best. To fuel our bodies with nutrition instead of pushing the so-called easy button… and BoomerSmarts Cooking is where it’s at!

BoomerSmarts Cooking in no way intends to add more pressure, frustration, guilt, or those other negative feelings when suggesting or showing examples of how to do it smarter and easier and also, I might add, healthier and cheaper.

So on this BoomerSmarts Cooking post, we are preparing a simple, fast, and delicious dinner of tilapia and fresh Mozzarella & tomato salad. Cooking in season is so “smart for us Boomers” as we get the best of the best of what is fresh, economical, and of course, yummy!
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Breaking the Rules in Our Homes

Cypress Mud Room

Cypress Mud Room

I am a living, breathing example of breaking all these expected and traditional housing rules!

When designing Cypress, our home, all these confining and ill conceived common housing plans went straight out the window.

And you know what? People love Cypress! Most cannot put their finger on it exactly why and I so appreciate and enjoy listening to their comments. I wish you could too because it would so help in your understanding that most housing rules were and are meant to be broken.

Why do we keep doing the same thing over and over again?

Come on…let’s break some rules!
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BoomerSmarts: Changing the Way We Age

Baby Boomers will change the way we age in America. There’s desire now more than ever to “age in place,” meaning to prepare your home for possible challenges ahead of time and avoid later need for nursing homes or assisted living facilities. How prepared is your home?

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BoomerSmarts: Cooking 101

Cooking 101

There are 78 million BABY BOOMERS born between 1964 and 1946 and most are too tired from too busy schedules to cook so:

Now is the time to get cooking with BOOMER SMART cooking!

Boomer Smart cooking is:

  1. Healthy!
  2. Fast!
  3. Delicious!

So who wouldn’t want to know how to cook like this?

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BoomerSmarts: Grandparenting Enriches Your Life

Grandparenting is one of the great joys in my life. I’m sure my Boomer friends will agree. The farthest I’ve traveled to see grandchildren is Dubai. How about you?

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Trusting the Instincts of Your Adult Children… and Letting Go

Today’s guest post comes from my friend Barbara Younger’s Friend for the Ride blog, recently chosen as one of the best Menopause Health Blogs by Healthline. In this post, Barbara shares her wisdom on trusting her adult daughter’s instincts enough to let go of chiming in on important wedding decisions. I believe we Boomers with adult children could all stand to do a little bit more of this.

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Calling All Boomers!

Who are these baby boomers anyway?

Why is this demographic so difficult if not impossible to predict or profile?

Why does question #1 or #2 even matter at all?

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