Cooking Vlog: Seared Salmon & Kale Salad from Junior League of Wichita’s “Pinches & Dashes” Cookbook

Laura Gerber, active, and Mitzi Beach, sustainer, members of the Junior League of Wichita, connected to find two of many wonderful recipes in their latest cookbook, Pinches & Dashes.

Laura Gerber and Mitzi Beach

Their goal was to use recipes that were quick, healthy, and of course delicious thus Seared Salmon with Horseradish & Green Onions ( page 101 ) along with Chopped Kale Salad with Currants & Pine Nuts ( page 65 ) were right on target.

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Four Reasons You’ll Love Having A Screened-in Porch

I’ve lived in various climates and on both coasts of the U.S. And while I absolutely love living in the Midwest, it seems so few in this area have the very enjoyable feature of a screened-in porch on their homes.

When we designed “Cypress,” I knew we had to create a screened-in porch space. Would you know I get more compliments on it than any other room in my home?

Here are 4 Reasons You’ll Absolutely Love Having A Screened-in Porch:

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Research Reiterates Point: More Boomers Want to Age in Place


A wonderful friend sent me a clipping last week from a recent issue of Kitchen & Bath Design News Magazine. I wasn’t totally shocked when I read what I’ve been saying for years now: Baby Boomers – more than any previous generation – are planning to stay in their current homes long term.

Remodeling kitchens, bathrooms and more give these Boomers the ability, in many cases, to avoid undesirable alternatives like moving elsewhere or eventually ending up in a nursing home. A whopping 53 percent of kitchen designers polled as research for the article said they’re doing more kitchen remodels for so-called “older clients” than they were five years ago.

You can find the article on page 11 of the digital edition of the magazine here

Check it out and let me know – what are YOUR plans for aging in place?

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5 Healthy Things it’s Never Too Late to Start Doing

It’s time to get serious about your health. Particularly if you’re a Boomer like I am, there’s no time like the present to take charge of ensuring you feel better, live longer and have overall better quality of life as you age.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get preachy with you. Well, at least I don’t intend to.

But we both know that if you don’t have your health, it makes life less joyous on so many levels – that’s why this is so important and a real passion of mine.

Still, let’s not even go into all of that right now. What I want to do is encourage you. So I made a little list. Why not get started this weekend? 😉

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Hitting the Road—First Stop: High Point Furniture Market

Between now and February, I will have the distinct pleasure of speaking to three separate and incredible audiences on a topic that’s very near and dear to me: the needs of an enormous and aging Baby Boomer demographic.

The so-called “silver tsunami” of aging Boomers will affect many things in our country, including health care, social security and much more. My presentations as a Professional Interior Designer and Certified Aging in Place Specialist will focus, naturally, on Boomer needs around the house, how those needs evolve as we age and how to best market to this valuable demographic.

I’ll fill you in on the second and third events as they approach and you can view the full event list here at any time, but for now I’d like to focus on the my first stop: High Point Furniture Market on October 19.

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The True Art of Hosting

As I’ve mentioned before on this site, Bob and I undertook a major renovation project in 2005. This project eventually turned into what we always intended, our beloved home we call “Cypress.”

Every tiny detail on this house is just as we want it. And while our upstairs is dedicated to a separate living quarter for Bob and me, with nearly equal square footage for my oversized design studio, the main floor was designed with one goal in mind – others.

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Bathrooms Don’t Have to Be the “Danger Zone”

The bathroom at Cypress, my own home. Learn more about its design here in a guest post I did for The Daily Basics.

Every 18 seconds, someone falls in their bathroom. It’s an alarming stat and the potential for serious injury is huge, especially as we age. We Boomers need to take control of our bathroom safety, but what is a designer to do?

First of all, talking bathroom safety is the interior design equivalent of selling long-term care insurance – nobody wants to hear it or discuss it. Safety just isn’t as stimulating a conversation as talk about tiles, mirrors, faucets and more – especially for certain clients who’d rather ignore the issue of aging entirely. But I’ve found if you LEAD with helping a client choose styles and colors (plus slip in some mention of long-term plans to account for aging along the way), you can help lead a client down this all-important safety path.

The result can be a bathroom that is both stylish and safe, a true joy for use by all ages from one to 101 and beyond. Many companies specialize in creating products that help us accomplish just that, meaning the days of a safe bathroom needing to look like a sterile hospital environment are ancient history.

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Loving My 60’s!

Aging isn’t a bad thing – there are tons of fun things that go along with every life stage. For me, my 60’s have been incredible so far!

What’s your favorite stage of life?

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Why Your Kitchen is the Most Important Room in Your Home

I’ve been designing functional, cozy, memory-making kitchens now for more than 20 years. And here’s a little secret –

There is absolutely not a more important room in your home.

Kitchens represent the central focus of our lives. We designers refer to kitchens as “the heart of the home,” and for good reason. When I look back at some of my favorite life memories and events, most of them are in the kitchen.

Stories are told.

Memories are made.

They are our little experimental laboratories.

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Investing in Your Long-Term Health

Making a long-term investment in your health is one of the smartest things you can do. You’ll not only feel better, but more than likely save money in the process!

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