Yes, I am asking myself this exact question. I would love your opinion, honestly I would.  I have a feeling I could be setting myself up for an ear full!

This weekend is my birthday. I am finally okay with being more open that my age as of this weekend is now is 73. It appears to be the perception that being in one’s 60’s is not really that old. However, revealing that you are in your 70’s in today’s perception of old is well just that, old. And you know what? Truthfully, I have had a huge fight with myself over just this revelation that being in my 70’s has major ramifications personally and professionally. So can you understand my dilemma on revealing my age?

This is not a vanity issue like I am trying to fool everyone that I am younger than I am. No, I am actually proud to be moving and grooving along even in my 70’s with very little physical obstacles other than acknowledging that my energy, nutritional, and exercise needs require constant evaluation or tweaking.

Our beautiful home is for sale with an open house this Sunday. I am so excited to meet whomever buys this amazing home restored with such a vast amount love and futuristic design with aging or thriving in place elements rarely found in other homes. 

So it is now time for me to start seriously packing the “stuff” but also packing up the life I have known for over 30 years here in Wichita, Kansas.  In our 50 years of marriage, we have moved from Ohio to New Jersey to California to Kansas. But we were young then with a young family. This new life transitional move is a whole new endeavor “at our age”.

My personal battle is with my identity as I ponder the life ahead in this major transition of relocating to NE Ohio this summer. I am rather ashamed to admit it because it sounds so shallow.  But it is all about Mitzi who?

In this transition, can I really keep pressing hard to get my message out about aging differently and better as millions are in my life stage too?

What actually is the question, am I too old? Well, on the surface it is about am I too old to wear torn skinny jeans? And I truly would love to hear your thoughts, …I think…

But the deeper question is am I too old to keep pushing hard to get my message out there on aging differently in America’s youth obsessed culture? My personal and hopefully professional answer is NEVER!! I care too deeply about you all not to keep on keeping on regardless of my age or my challenging transitional change of relocating. The answer to my deeper question will be revealed as you all keep reading and responding to my posts, coming to hear me speak, or even buying my book. I lay my life open to you being vulnerable and sincere to share with you what I am asking myself. Am I too old? 

Living and Loving Life Together,

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