Attending this presentation made it worthwhile for me to come to Market! As both a real estate agent and a designer, I learned so many things I can immediately put into practice.
– Cathy Perry, St. Louis.

It was a pleasure having Mitzi speak at The Antique & Design Center Lecture Series, during the Fall of 2013 and the Spring of 2014 High Point Markets. Mitzi was wonderful to work with, from the initial planning of the event all the way through the day of the lecture and beyond. Her warm personality shown through as she delivered invaluable information about Big Business of Boomer Design. We would welcome her back any time to speak again, and encourage anyone looking for a personable and informative speaker to contact her.
– Amanda Kinney, Antique & Design Center of High Point

Here is what I tell people who are interested in knowing who helped us with our house. I tell them that you have the talent to see the structural options of a project as well as the interior design. That is, you look at a space and you have a vision. You understand the construction side, you have contacts with subs who do careful and quality work. All of this sets the foundation for a functional and beautiful final product. This is without mentioning the core of what you do–the interior design. That part shows the same talent of vision, design, quality and with great results.
– Michael Bates

I have watched in amazement as Mitzi Beach has taken a positive and dynamic approach to creating awareness of the impacts of the aging of the Boomer population through her “Boomer Smarts”. Due to the significant and ever growing numbers of Baby Boomers who are living longer, and will be in need of more care than we can currently provide, this is a subject that is of vital interest and concern to the building and interior design field. Mitzi has developed a synergistic approach to the aging process by teaching us how to age with health, humor and grace and by creating an awareness of the need for housing that is geared to allowing the Baby Boomers to stay in their homes longer!

Mitzi’s presentation is a wakeup call to all of us in the fields of architecture, interior design and
construction. The wave is cresting and we are not prepared. I highly recommend Mitzi’s CEU presentation. It was filled with humor and facts. It made us laugh, it gave as dose of reality and it also gave us great tools with which to approach the Boomer crises. “Boomer Smarts” is a very appropriate title for Mitzi’s presentation and I came away feeling as if I were a smarter “Boomer” for having attended it.
– Lynne Barton Bier, Home on the Range Interiors

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