A Dubai Christmas

Yes! I know Christmas is so over BUT, I so wanted to share with you all our treasured trip to Dubai during Christmas to visit our son, Mark, his lovely wife, Becky, and of course our Dubai angels, Paige 7, Brooke, 5, and Max, 3.

WARNING!! I will be posting 5 blogs on our Dubai trip. It could become habit forming in your bucket list of travels.

Christmas Eve was a highlight to me of the entire trip and hopefully I can convey to you why.

Christmas Eve dinner

Crown Plaza Hotel where Christmas Eve service held

The service was amazing! Awesome to see so many nations with such enthusiasm and joy. We could learn a lot from how they worship and how friendly everyone is.

Hotel room is starting to fill up with 1200 in attendance. Christians can only rent facilities…not own them but they are treated with respect and were very accommodating.

Worship team setting. They were sooooo professional!!

Yes, blurry but Max man is a blur in action…BobBob trying to halt “Max the Blur”

Children of all nations listening to the Christmas story. Our Paige is glowing.

Lobby of Crown Hotel

Christmas morning was so exciting with Max going crazy over his new train, Paige her roller blades, and Brooke her scooter.

And creative mom, Becky actually put fake snow out to have a white Christmas even though in the dessert at 85 degrees afternoon temperature.

After the morning ritual of gifts & brunch, we all headed out to the beach…yes the beach on Christmas!

Christmas @ the beach!

All types of beach attire…

Yes…camels on the beach!

Mimi & Max

View behind us…even a full moon!

View in front of us. That’s the Atlantis lit up…beautiful. And no, that is not our Maltese, Tessie.

It was so cool and we even ended up at sunset having pizza on the beach (it was delivered!) with the most amazing skyline of Dubai & even the Atlantis. A scene & a Christmas to certainly remember.

Next post will be Dubai Lifestyle which of course surprised me and possibly will you too.

Living and loving life together,



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