5 Tips for Downsizing Christmas Decor

Oh, the beauty and serenity of a well-designed neutral room or home. These spaces are so often the perfect balm for our weary souls. But wait, here comes Christmas decorating time and with it the temptation and decisions of what to display, keep or say goodbye to forever. This can be a design dilemma for sure!


My style is to use natural looking, if not natural decorations, to achieve a more intimate and authentic holiday space. So for me personally, metal finishes and lots of glitz give off a cold artificial look that again, personally leave me “cold.”


So in using color in a neutral space, here are some interior design principles and elements to remember for holiday and Christmas decorating.

  1. Less is more. A little color goes a long way in a neutral space. In order not to nullify the effects of our calculated and selected color, use it sparingly as it will speak very loudly in the quietness of a neutral background.
  2. Listen for the “sound” of color. Red speaks very loudly when against the soft sounding neutral space and commands you give it attention. Therefore, how much do you want to hear your color selections?
  3. Go green. As the partner to the analogous positioning on the color wheel of Christmas colors, green is a saturated color but represents all of nature speaking a healing tone of peace and tranquility. This is the very message of this holiday season. So, in order to achieve a more peaceful but festive and holiday look, I choose a lot of greens and natural elements mixed with a calculated but stingy amount of the reds.
  4. Restrain yourself! Most neutral color palate spaces are not overdone with “stuff” that is not meaningful. My artist friend Joey calls spaces filled with meaningless stuff, “junk on parade.” Therefore, restraint is needed when decorating for Christmas for our very lovely and intimate neutral spaces. The Christmas spaces that I stop and stare at, respect and appreciate speak authenticity, classic design, scale and proportion.
  5. Let there be light. Remember too, candle light has color. It is a very warm golden glow on, of course, the warm side of the color wheel. By using a lot of candles in various colors, shapes and sizes, even the most elementary of Christmas decorated rooms become aglow with the Christmas spirit!


If you cannot already deduct from my interior designer perspective, less is definitely more as we decorate our homes for this beautiful time of year. By giving sincere evaluation of what is used or, better yet, not used to decorate our homes, we will achieve a sense of cheerful and peaceful spaces that speak volumes of holiday joy and peace that we all want for all those we love and care about in all our seasons of color.

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