Can you see why this mountain home gets raves from everyone fortunate enough to visit? Read on to see how you can bring your own special uniqueness to your home too!

Here’s how these creative homeowners designed their home to be a cut above the typical home of today.

1. Do not hesitate to personalize your home with “found” or your own collection of pieces that have a back story.

Whenever you can share the story of where you discovered a unique piece, it definitely adds significance to your rooms. In the same way, incorporating personal items collected over time again makes your home a cut above the routine, almost ho hum look of many homes today. This is another reason why antiques are regaining their popularity regardless of one’s life stage. 

2. Use and display items in unexpected ways

I am immediately drawn to vignettes that incorporate an intentional creative spin when displaying accessories or furniture. The cool aspect of working your coffee tables, book shelves, wall items in an “why didn’t I think of that idea?” adds whimsy and or an informality to predictable appointed homes. Plus, this is an opportunity to use your favorite treasures that will justify its use in this nontraditional approach to finishing your home to make it your home.

3. Being selective, restrained but calculated use of accessories always deliveries a pleasing space.

I know you have heard me say many times, stuff for stuff sake is so “yesterday?”

Make your home special just like you are! 

If you do not have what you consider any treasures, I ask my clients to just wait and not be in a rush to fill every blank space. Some of my all time best projects were my clients who used restraint by not going shopping to fill in the gaps. They scoured local shop versus the big chains. Or they used personal items from their travels, family collections, resale shops, even flea markets. The fun result is there will be a back story to many of your items that you will continue to enjoy sharing with others.

4. Showcasing nature, if possible, never fails to enhance any room.

Now of course I realize not every is so blessed to live in a home like this one with these travel magazine views to decorate around. However, wisely framing windows with your window treatments is one of my tricks to bringing the outside into our rooms. This is what I intend to do in our new home when the time comes or I should say the budget allows! By avoiding too heavy or too view inhibiting window treatments, this is very easy to accomplish. 

5. Last but definitely not least, is understanding the principle of scale and proportion!

Notice the size and amount of furniture in this over the top fabulous great room.

Breaking it down, there is one large sectional perfectly designed for space planning function as well as beckoning one into to this amazing room. Even the scale of the suede leather recliner fits beautifully adjacent to the size of the smooth black club chair. The narrow long coffee table is exactly scaled for the furniture it centers. 

Also, notice the scale and proportion of the chunk of mantle on this massive wall. Again, it is done so correctly it fits seamlessly adding even more wonderful interest without being overly contrived.

So you see, or I should say you observe, when you break down these 5 reasons this home totally rocks way above so many, there really is no reason that you too cannot upgrade your home’s spaces with a little imagination and giving yourself permission to just have fun without all the serious introspection. 

It is your home you all, make it what you enjoy so that your precious time spent in your home will pay dividends to you over and over as you experience seeing you, not a cookie cutter, non-personal look in your home sweet home.

And don’t forget pet/kid friendly fabrics!

So again I say:  Make your home special just like you are! 

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